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The Phone Becomes the Voice of Satan - Spirit Summoning Apps

As I research for the sequel to Slaying Dragons , I am endlessly led down different trails of thought on the issue of the prevalence of the occult in our present culture.   Just today, when processing the notes from an interview with an exorcist for Slaying Dragons II , I decided to look into the existence of " ghost hunting " apps .   The exorcist had mentioned it.   Unexpected Results   So, I looked up the app which he had named and quickly found a whole bunch of them. The details contained below are just from looking at the Google Play Store apps. This store was easier to navigate than Apple and should be providing the same insights.   These apps are no trivial matter. When I initially looked at this app store, I saw that there were at least 15-20 of them. It was difficult to gauge whether I was filtering all of them into one list, but this was still an impressive number.   Then, after hunting some more, I found a better way to filter the results. The number of apps of th

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