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Slaying Dragons - Glossy vs Matte

As a self-publisher, I have my book established in two systems, in order for the book to reach as far and wide as possible. My first stop was Amazon/KDP - a very easy process to launch an Indy-press book. It was recommended that I also publish my book through IngramSpark, which distributes much further throughout the world, and also provides a good royalty on my book sales.  IngramSpark allows booksellers, bookstores, and distributors to buy wholesale and resell the book in their system.  This has made the book more readily available in the UK (and surrounding regions) as well as Australia. When I set up the book in Amazon, I made the cover matte .  When I set up the book in IngramSpark, I made the cover glossy . As a result of having the book available in IngramSpark, Amazon has also begun to sell that book in addition to the one I uploaded originally .     This is a good thing... What that means is that the matte and glossy versions are now both available on Amazon! The link for t

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