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The Rise of the Occult - Most Priests are Unequipped

  The upcoming sequel to Slaying Dragons seeks to remedy this deficiency.   One of the fears, as we face a rise in the occult today, is the inability of most priests to properly address the crisis. However, every priest is already a spiritual warrior, equipped not in the strength of his flesh but in the authority and power of his office. Therefore, he is capable of doing so. In my preparations for the upcoming sequel to Slaying Dragons , I have interviewed many priests and exorcists on issues related to the rise of the occult and the new crisis that this is bringing into the life of the Church and the world.   In reference to the opening lines of this article, one exorcist, highlighting that Our Lord’s exorcisms are on par with His healings, told me, “In the confessional, priests are already in the spiritual warfare. So, they might as well be in it completely!”   Dear Fathers, your sheep need you to be knowledgeable, courageous, holy, and aware of your abilitie

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