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The "Sacramental" Jab - A Diabolical "Ut Unum Sint"?

NB: The following criticism of the vaccine is not meant to condemn those who, for whatever reason, perhaps of truly good motives, have decided to take it.   It is primarily a consideration of the global mechanism at work which is pivoting around the universal acceptance of this vaccine. ~~~ A perversion of the Church’s mandate:   instead of it being through Christ that we may all be one, it is through this new medical awakening – the Vax.   Thus, it is now the World that proclaims, “Ut Unum Sint.”  ~~~ This reflection is intended to compel the reader to wonder, "Where is all of this headed?"  The level of craziness involving the promises which the covid vaccine possesses is so high that many are beginning to put certain pieces together and to see a whole picture coming into view.  What jumps out is beyond disturbing. First - A Brief Review of the Situation In the face of a new virus, the whole world came together through a global pandemic of fear.   On

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