Migration to "SlayingDragonsPress.com" and new book!


 This is an announcement to all readers who are subscribed to www.TheSlayingDragonsBook.com:

As a result of the publication of my new book (details below), I have launched a new website domain and design, merging www.TheRetreatBox.com and www.TheSlayingDragonsBook.com into...


Here, you will find my store, where you can buy my books directly from me (instead of Amazon, plus I get more royalties that way) as well as my blog where I post articles and other information. At the moment, the new website routes you to the current one until I finish designing it and getting it ready.

The website will be live in the next week or so.

Also, I will soon migrate all subscribers to my MailChimp account in order to keep the readers of this blog connected to my articles. Marketing and advertising emails are at a minimum and usually only pertain to sales and new books, but soon also...articles!

Speaking of books, it is time to publicize the name of my new book and share it (and the cover) with the faithful subscribers of this blog first! My new book, which will come out in two volumes [the first being the main book intended for a wide audience - the second (in a few months) being a book of further research for those who need to know more] is called:

The Rise of the Occult: What Exorcists and Former Occultists Want You to Know


The book will launch around the Solemnity of the Annunciation (SATURDAY) on Amazon first, then on www.SlayingDragonsPress.com. It will be in both paperback and ebook at the launch.


  1. Watched YOu on Kennedy Hall's Podcast on your new book and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for Sharing!! Dennis


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