Slaying Dragons - Second Edition - Preview #5: Demons and Afflictions

Did you know that, while most illnesses have a natural cause, demons are nonetheless capable of causing every form of illness, even mental illness, that naturally occur in the human body?

Here's a snippet from "Slaying Dragons - 2nd Edition":
"What we know from Sacred Scripture and the teachings of St. Thomas supports what exorcists see in their work. When the angels came to punish Sodom, they were capable of striking with blindness the men who sought to attack them. When St. Raphael came to Tobit in answer to his prayers, he was capable of removing the blindness that Tobit had endured. St. Thomas teaches that both the good and the bad angels “can exercise an indirect influence on human wills by stirring up images in the human imagination” and, by their natural powers, can “arouse sentient appetites and passions.” They can also “work upon the human senses” either while in a visible form or “by disturbing the sense-functions themselves.” St. Thomas also says that angels can act upon men from within, in such a way that the “senses are changed in various ways"."