Michaelmas and Evil

As the date approached for the publication of Slaying Dragons, I saw that it could easily fall on a great Feast Day.  Padre Pio was approaching, but the book was not finalized.  Then, I saw St. Michael on the horizon, and the Holy Guardian Angels following after him.  The date seemed perfect, both given the pace of the preparations for the book and the significance of St. Michael in our spiritual battles.  God also saw it to be fitting, in His Providence.

Thus - Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know (2d Ed.) has been published!

BUT...it will take a few days to "manifest" on Amazon.com.  Stay tuned - I will post here as soon as I receive the notification.

The book will be available in print and eBook format.

The timing of the book's publication today is even more relevant given the age in which we live.  Take, for example, what the renowned Vatican reporter, Edward Pentin, tweeted last night.

Initial image uploaded
My reply garnered some attention in the "Twitter world."

Perhaps I should have been praying to St. Michael the Archangel a bit more along the way, though.  One small, ultimately insignificant story will at least be amusing to share.  I don't credit the Devil for this one, necessarily, but... you decide.  Paraphrasing Fr. Ripperger, while the devil isn't under every rock, he is under every other rock.

So, I uploaded, into Amazon, the picture to the right, and then left to come back to finish the details later.  Everything was fine with the files and the cover design.

Then, on Michaelmas Eve, I returned to finalize the files and saw that there was an error message on both files, for the content and the cover.  I have not seen that before on a book I have published with Amazon (see *Note below).  What was interesting was the sort of error that occurred on the cover design.  It basically crunched all of the words in the title, and in the subtitle, into one pile in their respective places.

Interesting thing is what the subtitle ended up looking like.  Take a look:

Do you see what I see directly in the center?  I am not making any conclusions, mind you, but...yeah.

That error has been resolved, but I may have placed a St. Benedict medal on my computer as I finished the rest of the work.

Note:  *I have two additional books on Amazon, here and here