Slaying Dragons featured on "Spirit Daily"

A friend noticed that "Spirit Daily" featured an article on healing the family.  One of the references used in the article was none other than Slaying Dragons!

Here is the relevant piece:
Notes a fine new book on exorcism and deliverance called Slaying Dragons, confirming the idea, “In spiritual warfare, there is something called a generational spirit. This is a demon who is particularly focused on attacking members of a certain family. This demon enters through the authority structure that God permitted, and typically comes in through a sin committed by the father of the family.
[It] can travel within the family and down through the family line through marriages. Removing generational spirits is one reason why there are exorcisms in the traditional rite of Baptism. These Baptismal exorcisms are also done to ensure the child is not burdened under any curse placed there as a means of revenge against the family. This specific problem is more prevalent in Europe.”
Right at the top.  Spread the word.  Slaying Dragons will be available in about ONE WEEK.