Slaying Dragons - Second Edition - Preview #3

As a followup to the post on the nemesis of a demon, here is another snippet from the book:

The protection that priests receive with the help of these nemeses, and the other protections that Our Lord provides, is very comforting to exorcists. Two examples will demonstrate why. Fr. Catalano revealed that in one exorcism, the demon sought to tempt him away from his ministry with an offer of worldly riches. When Father declined, the demon responded, “If I could, I’d kill you instantly.” Fr. Ripperger had a very similar encounter when exorcising the noon-day devil mentioned above. During the exorcism, the demon stopped and said to him, “If you weren’t being protected, I’d snap your neck.” This goes back to what Fr. Fortea said about the demons’ inability to love: “The capacity to love has been annihilated in the psychology of a demon.” All that is left, as is seen in the work of exorcists, is a brutal hatred. Of course, as we have also seen, the demons cannot touch us unless God permits it, and He typically does not.