Slaying Dragons - Second Edition - Preview

Demons seek to destroy many things, including marriages.  One aspect of the work of demons is to drive a wedge between spouses.  The knowledge which demons possess is far greater than ours, and they can use this in their strategy against us.

Take a look:

"Demons seek to drive a wedge between the spouses, often simply through some of the temptations mentioned above. As Fr. Amorth says, “Today families are among the most targeted by the ordinary action of Satan, through the chilling of relationships as well as betrayals and divisions.” Fr. Ripperger highlights the importance of good communication between spouses as being effective in thwarting this attack. When spouses communicate, it sheds light on hidden interior issues that the demon knows about but that has remained unknown to the other spouse. By disclosing these personal feelings and thoughts to each other, the spouses thwart the attack of the demon and strengthen their own bond.This communication is important due to the fact, as is evident in the universal decline of cultures, of the rise of attacks on children and the institution of matrimony, the intensity of which cannot be rightly understood without factoring in the operations of the diabolical."
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