The Great Preacher of Today - the Exorcist

Every generation needs certain graces.  Every generation needs certain saints.  Every generation needs a certain spirituality.   Our Lord knows this and, throughout the ages, has bestowed gifts in this manner, cultivated for the age in which they are given.

Every age has its own particular struggle in this great spiritual war.  Each subsequent age is essentially the next push of the diabolical forces against the Church.  In our age, it seems as if the diabolical forces believe they have the earthly Church cornered and have amassed their final assault to wipe her off the planet.

So, today, it would seem that the particular grace we need is that which enables us...
St. Peter preaching in the catacombs. by Jan Styka.
to see and understand and have the fortitude and wisdom to engage the demons more directly on the spiritual plane, with prudence and a proper obedience to God and His Church.
So, today is the age of the Exorcist.

What is so special about what Exorcists can teach us?  I would have to say that this is answered all throughout Slaying Dragons.  My book both conveys how they are the best teachers for today and what their teachings are.  Exorcists see through the veil.  What they behold is both disturbing and hopeful. They see the malevolence and brutal hatred of the demons, but they also see the absolute power and goodness of God.

Exorcists see that "it's all true - all of it."  They see the power of the Catholic Faith, the truth of the Catholic Faith, and the beauty of the Catholic Faith in the work that they do.  They also see the power of Satan at work in the world, destroying souls and dragging them to Hell.  They have warnings, admonitions, advice, and counsel which the whole world needs to hear.

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