“It might be easy for some to overlook this use of blasphemy as simply a form of shock meant to get attention. However, as St. Alphonsus tells us, blasphemy directly ties us to the work of demons. His words are important to ponder. St. Alphonsus states that “blasphemy proceeds from a bad will, and from a certain hatred conceived against God. Hence the blasphemer renders himself like the damned.” The use of blasphemy by Satanists thus makes sense, in that they revel in lifting up Satan as a model to follow. Reflecting on the fact that Christians receive, in the traditional rite of Baptism, blessed salt on their tongue, St. Alphonsus says, first quoting a writer, “‘the tongues of Christians [are thus] made, as it were, sacred, and may be accustomed to bless God.’ And the blasphemer afterwards makes this tongue, as St. Bernadine says, a sword to pierce the heart of God. Hence the Saint adds that no sin contains in itself so much malice as the sin of blasphemy.” Blasphemy is so wretched that St. Alphonsus calls it the “language of Hell.” “Thus we may say,” he continues, “to every blasphemer: You are from Hell; you are a true disciple of Lucifer; for you speak the language of the damned.””