On This Feast of the Guardian Angels

One of the central questions related to my book, Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know is:  what can exorcists teach us that a regular priest cannot?

Well, as I will discuss in future posts, exorcists see what other priests do not.  By "see" I do not mean simply "understand" but literally "behold."  Many priests, good priests, do not want to have anything to do with exorcisms.  If this is from fear, then the devil is winning against them.  If it is from prudence, then they are being wise.  Truly, though, it is up to Our Lord whether a person is spared diabolical harassments or suffers under them.  The great saints nearly all suffered extraordinary diabolical activity in their lives.  But the priests who see demons, who speak to them, who observe from them the method of their operations - they can teach us in a powerful way.

So, on this Feast Day, here is a snippet from my book, about the aid that Guardian Angels can give us in life:

It is interesting to note, here, as we discuss the malicious abilities of the demons, that our Guardian Angels are both interested in and capable of offering us extraordinary helps which are the exact opposite of that which the demons seek to do. Our Guardian Angels introduce pious thoughts into our minds and ward off the demonic suggestions. They can also reveal what is the best course for us to take in a certain situation. Relevant to this category of oppression, our Guardian Angels can help to heal us and cure us from illness, and even help us to sleep better. There are also times when they are permitted to influence and even move the body for the good of the person. All of this angelic activity can be seen as part of their counter measures against the demons, for, as St. Thomas says, “the demons are held off by the good angels, lest they hurt as much as they would.”
"Lest they hurt as much as they would."

Learn from exorcists what the "doorways" are for the diabolical to enter our lives.  With that wisdom, shut those doors.  Then, nurture your devotion to your Guardian Angel.  Especially today, on his Feast Day.

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