Opening Doors, Amazon, and Subscribers

Exorcists speak, often, about the subject of "open doors" and "doorways."  These are sins by which we give permission for the demon to enter our lives in a more substantial way than normal temptation.  These are sins which lead to obsession (of the mind) and possession (of the body).

When demons see that there is a door by which they are permitted to tempt or possess us, demons, lacking virtue and enslaved to their evil wills, often impulsively attack us, thrilled by the idea of inflicting us harm.

Remember the preview of the book from Oct 2nd.  Angels are here in part to protect us from the demons who, according to St. Thomas Aquin
as, desire to inflict much more pain than Our Lord permits them.

Remember your Guardian Angel.  Think of him not as some gentle spirit (which he is) or some dainty butterfly (which he is NOT) or some delicate fairy with a wand (you get the idea).  Think of your Guardian Angel as a mighty warrior, meek but fierce, holy and courageous, glorified and supremely happy.

For us, he is a protector.  To the demons, he is an indefatigable soldier, whose Captain is the one who cast Satan himself out of heaven - St. Michael.

See him as your gentle and mighty friend who keeps his sword at his side at all times.  Oh, and reflecting in his eyes, at all times, are the glories of Heaven and the Most Blessed Trinity.


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