Our Lady of Victory over all evils

St. Alphonsus Liguori says that Our Lady is not only the Queen of Heaven but, as I point out in my book, she is, by right of conquest, the Queen of Hell as well.  This queenship gives her absolute authority over the demons.  Fr. Ripperger  refers to this authority as "perfect coercive power." [click for video]

Our Lady will often intercede in the course of an exorcism in order to assist in the liberation.  This is something that the saints and angels do as well.  However, when Our Lady appears, the exorcism essentially concludes.  Her presence creates an atmosphere, so to speak, that the demons find so repulsive and intolerable that they must depart.  It is not only repulsion but fear, for her humility and power combined cause them to suffer more than by any other torture.

Our Lady does not only intercede during exorcisms but also in our daily lives and our struggles with demons through normal temptations and forms of diabolical obsession, where the demons bombard us with thoughts or temptations, often leading us into habits of sin or dangerous ways of thinking.  Our Lady of Sorrows, as Fr. Ripperger often points out, is the title that we are suggested to use to invoke Our Lady's assistance.  She knows the demons that are tormenting us and can help us remove them.

Fr. Ripperger, from video linked above.
So today, when we celebrate the great victory of Our Lady over the Muslims at Lepanto, let her enter your life to conquer the demons that are waging war against your soul and your peace and stability in this life.  Once freed, you will find rest in Our Lord and more securely navigate your path to Heaven.

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