Slaying Dragons - Second Edition - Preview #8: Demons Study Us

Perhaps one of the most disconcerting facts that exorcists reveal is that demons study us.  But they don't just study us, they watch us incessantly, concluding, with great accuracy, what it will take to make us fall into all sorts of sins.

Before they tempt us, the demons do a careful analysis of who we are and what might be a door by which they can enter.  Take a look at my book Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know:
When they are tempting the person and attempting to gain entry, they look for certain physiological signs that reveal that the person has given consent. Demons cannot know the person’s will specifically, as this is not in the powers of the angelic nature. They are able to read bodily reactions which come with the person’s thoughts and which show that the person has consented. As Fr. Ripperger points out, modern science has confirmed that there are bodily signs that accompany a person’s thoughts, such as when the person is lying. Demons know to look for these in order to determine the person’s thoughts. As Fr. Amorth says, a demon cannot read our thoughts, “he can only surmise it through observing our behavior. It is not a complicated operation for him, having an extremely fine intelligence.” A demon can decide how to tempt us by observing “what we read, see, say, and experience, and from the companions we choose, even from our glances – from all this he can discern where he will tempt us and at which particular moment. And that is what he does.”
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