Slaying Dragons - Second Edition - Preview: Spiritual Vulnerability

“Exposure to an alluring presentation of magic is dangerous not just for children in this modern age. In an article about the dangers of the Harry Potter series, author Michael O’Brien incorporates a statement of Fr. Amorth about the susceptibility of modern man to evil suggestions. He says Fr. Amorth “warns that modern men are losing their sense of the reality of supernatural evil. As a result, he says, many have made themselves more vulnerable to the influence of evil spirits who seek to corrupt and destroy souls.””
Some are tempted to conclude that, when they deny the existence of the supernatural, they are no longer bound by the laws by which the supernatural realm operates.  This is a deception.  Ignorance of a reality does not make one immune to the impact of that reality.

Fr. Amorth adds some essential insights about the danger of curiosity, particularly in this age of the occult:
Bonds can be formed with demons in many ways, even, as Fr. Amorth states, in ways that are subtle and almost unconscious. These can occur through a naïve curiosity, particularly when exposed to something tied even loosely to the occult. This can occur more easily if it is also combined with, for example, a personal desire to know the future. Some people will explicitly invite possession, not only through the practice of magic and satanic worship, but also through a curiosity which is no longer naïve.
Peace can be attained through knowledge of the truth, however difficult it is to hear.

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