In the News - Story of One Man's Possession

The National Catholic Register has a new story about a man who was possessed by demons after dabbling in the occult.
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Raised with a Catholic education, he was led into atheism by the universal decline of cultures in the late 1960s.  Though he did not believe in the effects of these occultic practices, he dabbled in them for entertainment.  To his surprise, he became an eye-witness to diabolical manifestations.

Later in life, he returned to these occultic practices to find answers to questions about his life.  This new open door to the diabolical quickly led to him becoming possessed.

He describes in his book how the demons, in his case of possession, functioned in a hierarchy, were members of a kingdom, and had access to his memory and imagination.  He was also tormented by them, both physically and psychologically.

Eventually, he desired to break free of these demons and sought a priest.  From there to his final liberation, Our Lady became a prominent intercessor in frustrating the designs of the demons.

This is an amazing story.  It is one which demonstrates that all that exorcists teach is truly what people experience.  I found myself remarking along the way how his story sounds like it sprang right out of my book.  It is important to hear stories like this because his situation was caused by the intellectual rejection of Christianity and a curiosity with the occult.  Both of these are commonplace in our world!

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