Raging Witchcraft in the States

From the author of "Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know" [Amazon]

It's not just the glorification of the Ouija board that should alarm us, but the rise in the acceptance and practice of witchcraft in our country, and the greater world as well.

One of the countless red flags is the fact that Ouija boards and witchcraft are essentially Satanic.  The Ouija board is used by the curious and naive as a game, but it is used by the seekers and the practitioners of the "craft" in order to communicate with spirits for a wide range of purposes.

Witch stores are not just about earth worship, elemental harmonies, and friendly spirits.  They also sell demonology books and Ouija boards in order to help people better communicate with these malevolent forces.

So, when Tom Brady joyfully proclaims to the world that his wife is a witch, we should not simply take this in stride.


In the above video, Tom Brady states:
"She always makes a little altar for me at the game, because she just wills it so much...So she put together a little altar for me that I can bring with pictures of my kids, and I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones, and she has me wear this necklace, and take these drops she makes, and I say all these mantras, and I stopped questioning her a long time ago."
"Did he just say...?"
He goes on to say more, but that was the core of his revelation - completely nonchalant, as if everyone probably assumed something like this must be happening, or this is totally normal.

The other man in the video makes the perfect face, right as Tom Brady says "makes a little altar."

The idea of witches in the US is not something as "fringey" as we would prefer it to be, or as it used to be just a decade or two ago.

As I mention in Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know:
"According to a 2008 and 2018 religion survey, the number of witches is significantly rising in the United States. In 1990, there were 8,400 Wiccans, which grew to 340,000 in 2008. It is now, in 2018, between 1 and 1.5 million. This number does not include all forms of witchcraft, as not all witches identify as Wiccan, though this is a significant subset of witches. To demonstrate the significance of this number of Wiccans, there were 1.4 million Presbyterians in 2017. The number of Satanists in the United States is unknown, partly due to the secrecy with which they operate."

San Francisco
Witch stores are now all over the United States, and likely more prevalent in other parts of the world.  Google maps is quite handy in tracking them down.  Along the way, I realized that most of them go by the name "Metaphysical supply stores."  I am not sure where that comes from exactly, but be sure you use those words if you do a search to discover witch stores in your area.

Atlanta area
These stores are all over the country and number close to twenty or so in and around large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, El Paso, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Denver, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, and others.  The bigger the city, the more prevalent the witchcraft stores will be.

It is not uncommon to see, amidst the healing stones and potions and pentagrams, an image or statue of Our Lord, Our Lady, or even St. Michael.  In San Antonio, this syncretism also welcomes statues of Santa Muerte.  Even Corpus Christi, TX has a few.  Every big city has at least a handful.  Some are a hybrid of Yoga and energy crystals, protection stones, tarot cards, "manifestation tools," pendulums, and ouija boards.  It appears that almost every store offers stones with purported special powers to balance and clear negative energies and bring light to homes and minds.  Special candles, and special stones, seem to be in nearly every "metaphysical supply store."  Keep that in mind if someone you don't know too well gives you an oddly-labeled candle that is clearly not related to a saint.  Take a quick look at it.  You may find that there is a crystal inside that was left out under a full moon in order to pull in its energies.  That's likely not all that was done to it.

So, what are the Dangers of such a store?

There are countless reasons, so I just picked a few.  First, every item in that store is likely "blessed" by the practitioners of witchcraft who created it or are selling it.  Why would this not be the case?  Witchcraft is not a religion of altruism.  It is a religion of control, manipulation, and, in all things, power.  The impact of the items they are selling will greatly increase if the "blessing" goes with it.  But what is wrong with the "blessing"?  It is not a blessing but an invocation of a spirit (i.e. demon), requesting it to travel with the item and "aid" the person who uses it.  Demons will gladly play along, since every single person involved is breaking the First Commandment, committing a mortal sin, and doing exactly what the demon wants them to do.  At that point, the demon also has permission from God to enter the person's life in one way or another.  So, in classic demonology-speak, every item in that store could be the source and cause of diabolical infestation in the life of the person who carries it or keeps it in their home.  This infestation could easily lead to obsession and possession, if the person is spiritually vulnerable.

Second, there are a lot of lost youth in this world.  As a high school Theology teacher for ten years, I have seen it.  The youth of today are without a clear guide and are often curious without caution.  Without the true Faith to anchor them, give them meaning, and fortify them in the battle in which we are all placed, they can easily drift into the dangerous sectors of our society.  One of these sectors is now, in this satanic age (as one exorcist called it), just downtown - the local witchcraft, ...er... metaphysical supply store.  I imagine they will meet a lot of well-meaning, good-intentioned people who will happily introduce them to low-level sorcery.  But, as most of us will know, that will only be the beginning.  The demons know what to offer each and every one of us to get us to stick around a little longer.  Demons don't need much time to walk through an open door.

Third, even adults in our culture are in danger.  The lack of a religious foundation is not just an illness in the youth.  Adults are becoming more curious and superstitious as a result and these witch stores are perceived as something novel and curious.  Many of the items have a soft visual appeal and are welcoming to the eye.  That, combined with the possibility that some ancient presence still resides in the elements of these precious stones, is enough for the curious adult to quickly buy one to add some extra "light" into the house.  It just takes one cursed item to introduce a demon into the home, though.

A Notable Example

An interesting story about witch stores involves one that used to operate in Huntersville, NC.

According to this article by a fan of the witch store, a pizza shop owned by a Catholic family moved into the same strip of stores in this section of downtown Huntersville in early 2019.  It may have even been right next door, sharing a wall with the witch store.  The discomfort that their proximity to the witch store brought lead to the eventual, if not very quick, arrival of a Catholic priest to bless the pizza shop and, likely, offer prayers of deliverance and protection over the entire area.

The above article was posted on March 5, detailing the fire which occurred the week before.  That means that the time between the arrival of the Church and her blessings and the permanent closure of the witch store was very short.

Here is the Twitter thread from the Huntersville fire department, including a brief video.  The tweet says that the HFD used a "quick, aggressive, interior attack" and contained the fire from neighboring businesses.  This explains why the witch store owner said everything was destroyed by the water used to put out the fire.

No one was hurt in the fire, thanks be to God.  Bitter medicine for the witches, but witchcraft is, well, seriously evil...and the Church is, well, seriously holy - and her blessings produce an effect.  This is not to say that the blessing from the Church produced the fire.  But, given the coinciding events, it is difficult to not see a connection, though it is even more difficult to explain exactly what that would be.

In the end, the Catholic pizza shop endured, with minor smoke damage, so it seems, but the witches moved out for good.  Further, the witch store, while desiring to re-open there or elsewhere, appears to be running up against constant obstacles. They are persevering, though, and still seeking to re-establish themselves somewhere in the area.

If you are interested to know what they are all about, how deep they are in the occult and dabbling with malevolent forces, take a look at their FB page, which was not shut down by the fire.

The Catholic Response

It is helpful here to understand the importance which they attach to their witchcraft store.  On October 20th, on their FB page, the founder posted the following, while reflecting on the impact of the loss of the store about eight months prior:
"The true depth of loss of the shop as the sacred meeting place of our Village, to the fire of February 26th, has been truly measured as vast and deep.  Each day without our temple, our home, our haven and rebel base of Villagers that gather there, we grieve. We grieve the loss of fellowship, the connections we make—to Craft, to knowledge, to art, to each other and ourselves. Nothing seems to soothe that loss—I have at least one uncontrollable weeping session each week." 
Their FB page reveals a determination to stay deep in the occult and to utilize the magic arts to resuscitate their "temple."  Christians should pity them, honestly, for they are lost inside a cage, not realizing they are trapped and without guidance to see the exit.

Spiritual warfare entails stepping in to help the weak and lost.  People who embrace this occultic way of life are often afraid to do anything about it.  They have truced with the Enemy, and some of them are aware of this.  Others are blinded by the preternatural abilities that they temporarily acquire, unaware that everything is going to flip 180 degrees before long.

Bl. Bartolo Longo
So, pray for the members of Laughingbrook, especially for Gabriella Laughingbrook, the founder and owner of LBSCAA.  She and her community, while strongly resistant to the stance of the Church on her way of life, are vulnerable and need the healing that Our Lord Jesus Christ alone can bring.

So, step up the prayers!  Kanye West is not the only one who, far from Our Lord, can flip and embrace a life of grace and divine sonship.

One exorcist agreed with me that, yes, it is a conceivable idea to think that the final battle, in the reign of the Anti-Christ, could be between the Church and the collective movement of Satanism, witchcraft, and the occult.  If that is going to be the case, then a lot of the future converts are going to be taken from this diabolical movement.

Bl. Bartolo Longo, former Satanic high priest, pray for us.

*Learn more:  read "Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know" [Amazon]

[note: beginning of article was updated to state that witchcraft was "essentially" not "explicitly" Satanic since many witches do not concretely understand they are consorting with demons.]