Exorcists - Our Beloved Priests who "See Behind the Veil"

It could be said that the wisdom and understanding of exorcists is almost "secret."  Truly, when we hear them speak and hear the advice they have to give, it is clear that they are privy to insights and understandings afforded to them solely due to the ministry in which they are involved.

At one point in my discernment of the priesthood, about three years after my conversion, I remarked to a priest friend that, since so many people do not understand the great riches of our Faith, that it would seem that many teachings of the Catholic Faith are "secret."  He agreed as to this appearance, but agreed also that it is not that these teachings are hidden from anyone - it is simply that most people either have never had the opportunity to hear them or, sadly, they simply don't care to.

The Church holds no secrets when it comes to what God has revealed.  She is the steward of the mysteries and the primary job of this sacred steward is to impart the mysteries to every person on the planet.  The Holy Spirit's activity throughout the life of the Church has been to raise up more and more saints and Doctors of the Church in order to expand our understanding of Divine Revelation and "unlock" its mysteries, so to speak.  They are declared to be Doctors, or "Teachers," for that reason - the luminous nature of their grace-infused intellect has set them apart as universal teachers of the saving Truth which Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought to the world.

This "unlocking of the mysteries" then makes those divine teachings more intelligible and practically applicable.  The lofty doctrines of the Most Blessed Trinity, for example, can, for some, make praying to God seem complicated, even though it is not.  The great teachers whom the Holy Spirit inspires are capable of articulating these doctrines in such a way that God actually becomes, with the aid of grace, more intelligible to the human intellect.

In our age, which perhaps, as time will tell, could be called "the age of the exorcist," it is these priests, granted the authority to take on the diabolical "man to man," who are handing on and articulating certain saving truths of our Faith with great clarity and accessibility.

https://www.amazon.com/Slaying-Dragons-What-Exorcists-Should/dp/1692862138/These generous priests have made their teachings available to all the faithful through videos, conferences, talks, books, and interviews.  It is their hope that the "secrets," the often hidden and little known realities, which they see and understand through their ministry, will be known to the faithful in the way that will benefit our souls.

My book, Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know, seeks to aid them in this work.  It is a practical presentation of the wisdom of exorcists, meant to enlighten and inform all Christians, so that we may more securely and joyfully navigate this valley of tears and attain the victory in the spiritual battle which characterizes our pilgrimage on earth.

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God bless you and please pray for me.