Getting Sacramentals Blessed!

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The tenth Chapter of Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know is called "Protecting Your Spiritual Life."  In that Chapter, among other things, I discuss many sacramentals and how the faithful may use them.  As a result, I have received a lot of questions related to this.  For further information about the use of these sacramentals, please get your copy of my book.  Exorcists and great saints highly praise these great gifts from Holy Mother Church.

Many have asked me about how to actually go about getting sacramentals blessed. Some people have never asked a priest to bless salt, oil, or candles and feel a bit awkward doing so.  Some don't think their priest is willing, or knowledgeable enough, to do the blessing. Perhaps the priest doesn't know much about the Roman Ritual or doesn't have a copy?  Some people, it is sad to say, are not comfortable asking a priest to do just about anything!  (Take note, dear Fathers!) 

For those who are unfamiliar with the Roman Ritual, this is the book by which priests bless innumerable items which we use in order to endow them with special graces and protective promises from Almighty God.  Many, if not most, of these blessings contain an exorcism and some sort of blessing which protects, from the works of Satan, the one who devoutly uses them.

Today, this sacred book is unknown to many, including many priests.  In recent times, this ancient and sacred text was overshadowed by what is called the Book of Blessings.  Simply repeating what countless priests have said, the "blessings" in that book hardly merit that title.  Further, devout and traditionally minded priests, including exorcists, see that the Roman Ritual is far superior in its efficacy and in the power which its blessings impart.  Thus, when seeking for the priest to bless items, it is important to ask him, up front, for the traditional blessing from the Roman Ritual.

Due to the lack of knowledge which sadly prevails in many sectors of the Church today, I thought it would be useful to place here the blessings for Holy Water, Blessed Salt, Blessed Oil, and Blessed Candles.  In addition to being posted in full below, these are on EWTN's website and also  Since some may struggle finding the blessings on those sites, because the Roman Ritual has a lot of blessings, again, I think it is helpful to link and place these specific ones here.

Finally, by God's Providence, I am able to post the Latin/English of the blessings which the faithful may take to their priest in order for him, if he is unfamiliar and does not have the Roman Ritual himself, to perform the blessing and equip the faithful with these great sources of God's blessing and protection.

Remember, these blessings may only be done by a priest.  Currently, I am not clear as to which of the following English translations are official translations and thus permitted for use.

Many priests, therefore, advise to say the prayers in Latin.  With the English prayer accompanying it, even a priest who is unfamiliar with the Latin and its meaning may easily reference the English for clarity and proper intention.

One thing that could be done is to print out this article and take it with you when you see the priest in case he does not have the Roman Ritual and does not know how to find it on the internet.

Another option would be to look up the blessings on your phone and let the priest use that to do the blessings.  Or, of course, you can direct him to this article so he may see the prayers for himself.

The impact of the devout and prayerful use of these and other sacramentals, in a spirit of faith and trust in God, is such that it can truly aid the intended reversal of a life of sin, an increased liberation from the effects of diabolical influence, and a smoother and speedier path toward sanctification.

Particularly in a time of pestilence and trepidation...

Blessing of Candles


Blessing of Oil


Blessing of Holy Water  (Contains Blessing of Salt)
The salt may be blessed separately