Reflection for Holy Week - the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery


They have just driven the nails through the sacred Hands and Feet of Our Lord. The nails pierce His Sacred Flesh just beneath the wrist and between the two bones.

His agony is incomprehensible, for He is Life, approaching death; Love, receiving hate; the perfect and sinless Man, experiencing the consequences of sin.

Imagine still:

As they lift the Cross from the ground, to set it upright, gravity slowly pulls upon His Body, and upon the nails in His hands. Slowly, the weight and the pain increase, until the moment when the Cross is fully in place, and the full weight of His Body pulls down against the nails, from which He hangs in torment, for three hours.

But do not stop there.

See His Most Sacred Heart, beating, embracing this death freely to save you. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do...”

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