New Interview on Meeting of the MindZ with Gene Zannetti!

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Gene Zannetti owns Winning Mindset, a sport-performance mental training program. He has two Masters Degrees in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology and is a certified School Psychologist. He was a Nationally Ranked All-Ivy League wrestler at the University of Pennsylvania.

After a strong “reversion” following the 33-day consecration to Jesus through Mary in 2015, he founded Spiritual Strength, conducting retreats, presentations, and an online apostolate spreading devotion to the three hearts and fighting against the world, flesh, and devil.

His book Spiritual Strength: Building the Total Athlete for Christ was reviewed and endorsed by Cardinal Burke and bears an Imprimatur. He lives with his wife and son (with another son on the way) in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at

Take a look at his website and his book!

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