Radio Spot #1 - Why Exorcists Make the Best Teachers Today

Please enjoy and share this One Minute Radio Spot, featuring a brief reflection on:
Why Exorcists are our Best Teachers Today.


In a godless world, who would make the best teacher to those who still believe?

This is Charles Fraune, author of Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know

Today, in an age of practical atheism and moral rebellion, joined with a shocking rise in the practice of the occult, many Catholics are left bewildered and burdened.

Not only that, but many Catholics succumb to the secular pressures of this age and suffer spiritual harm in the process.

Exorcists, devout and wise Catholic priests, are our best teachers in this age. They see that demons, the forces of evil in the world from the beginning, are rejoicing in the growing distance between God and man. Exorcists see how demons not only tempt us but gain holds on us as a result of the sins we venture into.

Learn from them how to navigate securely this narrow path and not only avoid the spiritual pitfalls which entrap us, but learn of the great spiritual treasures which help us attain the heights of perfection.