If This Exorcist is Correct, Here is a Clear Example of the Oppression

There seems to be a new uptick in diabolical activity, though that measurement is growing more difficult to judge these days.  One sad new example:  A Bishop performs an exorcism and the State restricts his Churches just two days later.

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On Saturday, Archbishop Cordileone recited exorcism prayers where the statue of Saint Junipero Serra was torn down. This action by the Archbishop has been celebrated by very many people who are concerned about the state of our culture and the strength of the Church in the United States, including exorcists, who are even more attuned to the power of such gestures by a Bishop.

Then, this past Monday, just two days later, Archbishop Cordileone received a letter from the city attorney of San Francisco ordering the Archdiocese of San Francisco to cease and desist indoor Masses, an order for which they were given only one day to comply. 

This article on the matter discusses the confusion on the part of the Archdiocese, and the surprise they felt at the reception of the letter, which stated that the Archdiocese, due to allowing indoor Mass to resume earlier in June, was "putting not only its parishioners but the larger community at risk of serious illness and death."  Currently, they are working with the city to find a solution to this new situation.

Exorcist: Our Country Might be Diabolically Oppressed

On Wednesday, Monsignor Rossetti posted an article, here on ChurchPop, stating that he saw strong signs that our country was suffering from diabolical oppression. He enumerated many well-known and widely practiced doorways to diabolical interference in peoples lives, such as abandoning the Faith, abortion, pornography, drugs, and sexual immorality in general.  These have paved the way for the terror and disorder and restrictions on Churches that we now witness popping up all over the country.

What is diabolical oppression?  From my book, Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know, we read:

Diabolical oppression involves those things that affect a person’s life from the outside. These can include all aspects of a person’s life. From their experiences, exorcists have witnessed these extraordinary manifestations firsthand. Fr. Ripperger says that diabolical oppression can appear as inexplicable financial difficulties, such as the inability to obtain employment despite being highly qualified and applying for multiple jobs, or being fired all of a sudden. Oppression can manifest and cause a person’s possessions to chronically break down, despite reasonable efforts to keep them in good order. Fr. Amorth points out that it can also cause divisions within marriages, tear apart friendships, and leave the person isolated. This is, of course, the goal of the devil who, as Fr. Grob mentions, “lives to instill fear and isolation in the human soul.”

Everyday life, such as in jobs, can be affected by oppression as well. Fr. Ripperger said he was helping a doctor for whom many patients were refusing to pay and were simply not showing up for appointments. He wrote a prayer for him to address the matter and the problem resolved within a week.

Oppression can affect relationships in a number of ways. A woman whom Fr. Ripperger was assisting, was suffering under the Freemasonic curse, from which he helped her break free. Before that moment, the woman had been estranged from her five daughters for many years, who had left her without any good reason. Within a week of breaking the Freemasonic curse, all five daughters called her and wanted to reconnect and restore their relationship with her.

Oppression can appear as a sickness with no natural explanation. These are often discerned to be diabolical if they do not respond properly to treatment or are resolved through the prayers of the exorcist. In one case, Fr. Ripperger was helping a man with stage four pancreatic cancer. After praying minor exorcism prayers over the man, and invoking Our Lady’s aid, the doctor declared him free of the cancer. A year later, however, there was a similar series of events with a different illness. Fr. Fortea agrees that, though it is rare, demons are able to cause illnesses. He references the story of St. Therese of Lisieux, who wrote of an illness which she was certain had come from a demon. St. Luke describes a “spirit of infirmity” which caused an illness in a woman who, despite the involvement of that spirit, was not possessed. The sickness inflicted upon Job is another example of this ability of demons. In a slightly different manifestation, a demon can sometimes, as the result of a curse, cause an illness in a person and then move on. At this point, the only required remedy is medical.

Now is the time to keep your first thought on the state of your soul, and the second thought on the goings-on in our country.  Cling to Christ, and He will protect you.  If Our Lord permits you to suffer from some sort of oppression, still cling to Christ, and He will protect you, rescue you, and heal you.

God wins.  If we are with Him, we win too.

Pray for our country, for its Bishops, its secular leaders, its citizens.

Pray to your Guardian Angel and the Angels who oversee the cities and states across this land.

Pray to Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception, who is the Patroness of the United States, that she will defend and protect us, and obtain for us all of the graces we need to persevere and, God willing, spiritually rescue our country.

Particularly at this Independence Day - let us focus on the sacrifices that it takes not only to achieve the freedoms we enjoy here, but also to achieve the spiritual liberation from the power of evil which we not only enjoy but also need in order to live a truly good and holy life.


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