Is the United States Diabolically Oppressed? - A Diagnosis Attempt - PART II

This is the Second Part in the Four-Part series discussing the likelihood that, as exorcists have stated, our nation is suffering from diabolical oppression.  You can find PART I and PART III and PART IV here.

The Absence of Sanctifying Grace

We live in a culture very much deprived of sanctifying grace. Sanctifying grace comes to us through the Sacraments to those who are properly disposed to receive it. That means it is available to those who profess the One True Faith and have kept or made their souls clean by the practices of prayer and penance and the Sacrament of Confession. In our country, this does not include as many people as we would hope.

As the Church teaches and exorcists see, we are vulnerable to diabolical influences if we place ourselves outside of the state of (sanctifying) grace. This topic is covered extensively in Slaying Dragons and, in Spanish, Matando Dragones.

Abortion, pornography, adultery, and fornication are some of the gravest of the mortal sins, and these are rampant in our country. Many other mortal sins are also prevalent, but the preponderance of these brings them to the top of the list.

In addition to these grave sins, the country, as we will see in a moment, is also becoming more and more steeped in the occult. Dabbling with the occult while in a state of mortal sin is the surest way to get possessed or otherwise diabolically afflicted.

Abandoning the One True Faith

In addition to the widespread sinfulness of the citizens of our country, a shocking number of those who were blessed to be born and raised in the Holy Catholic Church have abandoned the safety of her harbor. It seems to be the norm for Catholic youth, upon entering or completing college, to abandon the Faith, likely never to return. Many adults have become either indifferent or hostile to the Faith, completely ignoring the obvious teachings of the Church in exchange for the lukewarm emptiness that is often preached to them on Sundays.

It is difficult to blame many of them, though, since much of the knowledge and practice of the ancient Catholic Faith has been lost in many parts of the world in the last fifty years or so. “Spiritual archaeology” is the term I use in my book to describe the work that today’s faithful priests and exorcists are doing in digging up, and presenting to the faithful, the ancient way of Christ’s Church. This includes the traditional ways of frequenting the Sacraments, utilizing the sacramentals, and immersing one’s entire life in the atmosphere of the Faith. Thanks be to God that the movement of Tradition has swept across the globe, though its influence is still minimal compared to the number of people it needs to reach.

The ancient and traditional practices of the Catholic Faith, such as prayer, fasting, almsgiving, devout worship, holiness, and the renunciation of this world – all the things necessary to fulfill God’s will and call down His blessings – are seldom done today. Satan admitted to St. John Vianney that, if there were just two more priests like him, excelling in the above virtues, Satan’s work would fail. Imagine how much these truly block the work of Satan, and how much their absence is enjoyed by him!

The abandonment of the Faith has not only been a problem among the laity, but also among the clergy and hierarchy. The experience of seminarians over the last forty years is a sad piece of evidence in favor of the national diagnosis of diabolical oppression. It has sadly been the case, and may still be in many areas of the country, that faithful seminarians have been attacked, accused, discredited, manipulated, and rejected all for making it clear that they believe in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. Many of those who then managed to get into seminary successfully were subjected to an intellectual and liturgical formation insufficiently grounded in the two thousand year history of the Church. It seems that the agenda, in the places where this happened, was to make sure that any faithful men who came into the seminary did not get ordained without being intellectually infected with the Modernism rampant in the seminaries themselves. For a sad but true collection of real-life encounters with this oppression of seminarians, read Good Bye, Good Men.

The Specific Sin of Abortion

Abortion, which is widespread and jealously guarded by many in power, is diabolical and, as exorcists affirm, calls down divine punishment on the country. Kyle Clement, from Liber Christo, has a great video here, disturbing but very enlightening, where he discusses the evil of abortion. Abortion, which many have already called a satanic sacrifice, is a huge element in the occult-infected regions of Hollywood and government. This is not conspiracy theory stuff but, yes, it is so shocking that you won’t think it’s true, mainly because we don’t want it to be true. It concerns the presence of satanic rituals and ritualistic immorality, and the means by which many in Hollywood are exposed to it, and compelled to take part, in order to find success.  Instead of delving into the details here on my website, I will direct those readers, who would like to know more about this, to video mentioned above, available here.

Abortion, he says, is a jealously guarded and vehemently defended powerful occult practice. It attains great power and influence for those who offer this blood sacrifice and for those who ensure, by supporting it in law, that it is offered throughout the country. This power also involves a greater ability to have their requests granted by the diabolical. Remember that Satan is described in Sacred Scripture as the “Prince of this World,” possessing control over kingdoms and capable of giving power over them to those whom he chooses. One of his great demons in Sacred Scripture, Moloch, demanded the sacrifice of children. Our nation, through abortion, has also submitted itself to this demon.

By what other means than by diabolical oppression could this nationally protected “right” to abortion come about? Remember that widespread abortion leads to widespread death, woundedness, injury to mothers, destruction of motherhood, and the corruption of the youth and their innocence. The involvement of the diabolical in the success of the abortion movement is self-evident.

The Specific Sin of Pornography

Pornography is a powerful and destructive sin which is a tremendous source of abuse, rape, human trafficking, woundedness, addiction, isolation, and suicide. This specific world of evil also leads many, through irreligion and fear, into the practice of the occult, with the hope of finding a solution to their pain.

As I mention in Slaying Dragons and, in Spanish, Matando Dragones, exorcists are seeing a rise in diabolical oppression and obsession related to a tremendous increase in the use of pornography and other grave things of that sort. Pornography use is, as Fr. Ripperger puts it, “off the charts.” He also relates the startling, though not surprising, fact that exorcists have learned that Satanists have taught pornographers that if they would curse the master copy of a pornographic video, whoever watches a copy of it will become subject to the same curse. Imagine the number of individuals in this country who may be subject to a curse as a result of viewing pornography.

Institutions of Evil in the Country

Among others, Freemasonry, as hidden as it likes to keep its true aims, is a source of grave evil in our country. For those who do not know, it is a mortal sin, and an excommunicatable offense, for a Catholic to join the Freemasons. Popes have condemned it in clear and unquestionable terms.

They are an anti-Catholic organization, even admitting this openly at times in history. They have worked to undermine the power and freedom of the Church and the presence of Christianity in our society and its laws. Freemasonry has been with this country since its founding, as have Deism and other erroneous ideologies and philosophies.

Pope Leo XIII, at his time the eighth Pope to condemn Freemasonry, began his encyclical by which he did so with the following words:

“The race of man, after its miserable fall from God, the Creator and the Giver of heavenly gifts, "through the envy of the devil," separated into two diverse and opposite parts, of which the one steadfastly contends for truth and virtue, the other of those things which are contrary to virtue and to truth. The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ; and those who desire from their heart to be united with it, so as to gain salvation, must of necessity serve God and His only-begotten Son with their whole mind and with an entire will. The other is the kingdom of Satan, in whose possession and control are all whosoever follow the fatal example of their leader and of our first parents, those who refuse to obey the divine and eternal law, and who have many aims of their own in contempt of God, and many aims also against God.”

Exorcists discuss the reality and power of what is called the Freemasonic curse. This is one of the many oaths taken by a Freemason by which he invokes a curse on any of his family that might betray the Freemasons. When someone dealing with diabolical issues comes to see an exorcist, one of the questions that is always asked is whether they have any Freemasons in their family, even up to several generations back. Some of the effects of the Freemasonic curse are: dividing families, health problems, abuse, molestation, early death, death of children, and death by accident. These curses are, perhaps, widespread in society, as there are about two million Freemasons in the country.

As it is told, Freemasonry has a strong presence in Hollywood, which would fit with the fact that, out of the two million Freemasons in the country, about sixty thousand reside in California.

The Corruption In Hollywood

There are known and verified connections between Hollywood, government officials and campaigns, and prominent and wealthy elite members of the country. I am not a conspiracy theorist, and would not mention this if I had not encountered the right and sufficient number of people who regard it as real and reputable.

Pictures and testimonies have emerged, as was mentioned earlier, revealing the horrible, disgusting, and diabolical reality of these events involving members of the government and Hollywood. They involve child molestation, anti-Eucharistic and semi-cannabilistic rituals, and explicit Satanism. Many of these have become so public that my reiterations that they are not conspiracy theories is perhaps unnecessary.

Instead of naming the people involving or, again, delving too deeply into the details, I will again refer readers to the enlightening video with Kyle Clement and Jesse Romero.

As Kyle Clement points out, Hollywood has played a critical role in helping bring our culture to where it is today. First, we started idolizing Hollywood actors. Then we looked the other way when their immoral lifestyles became publicly known, which gave their evil ways a free pass. At the same time, good actors were either pressured and compelled to compromise their morals, or were shut out from the mainstream of Hollywood success. An anti-Christian feminist spirit emerged with this, and an anti-masculine philosophy gave it support. How widespread the involvement of actors in these Satanic rituals is, I do not know, but the consequences are grave, in the order of diabolical retaliation and influence.

Kyle Clement also mentions that exorcists and their teams, which he is involved with, deal with cases involving people who were drawn into Hollywood by a desire to be an actor and were quickly pulled into these immoral practices and Satanic rituals. At that point, people have a choice – to remain in that world of fame and earthly success, and suffer spiritually for it, or call upon God for mercy and strength to get them out of the situation.

Corruption Issuing from Hollywood

It is commonly known that an overwhelming number of citizens of the United States stay plugged in to the entertainment world for a good part of their day. This means, over time, the collective intellect of the citizens of our country is being formed and molded by Hollywood and sensational, and carefully narrated, mainstream news media. From the nightly news, to the prime-time shows, to the Netflix binge, to the latest movie in the theaters, to the incessant commercials, the majority of Americans are being bombarded with images of materialism, impurity, immodesty, indecency, violence, contraception, and promiscuity, among others. If the devil wanted to oppress an entire nation, this is a good way to do so.

The Worship of Entertainment and Media

You could say that a decadent culture worships the entertainment media if it craves to be entertained and is not bothered by the fact that the entertainment contains open occultism, sexual immorality, drugs, violence, abuse, terror, blasphemous language, and ridicule of Christianity. The culture seems to have no true, no plenary, interest in eradicating it either. Large Christian groups may successfully pressure a company, like Hallmark, to stop their compromise with the homosexual movement, but the power of homosexual “celebrities” is much much greater. Read these two stories, of Hallmark’s initial response to Christian push-back on featuring homosexual advertisement on their channel, and then the story of their caving in the wake of diabolical oppression. 

Among the gods of entertainment are violence and fear. The “news” that is presented to citizens on mainstream cable television, and major internet sources, on all sides, from CNN to FoxNews, is filled with the negative, the violent, the biased, and the sensational. “Negative makes news,” and it shows and oppresses the intellect of those who follow these sources of information. The ubiquity of social media news, always calling out to people from their “smart phones,” can truly drive the intellect in the wrong direction. This is where the diabolical oppression can easily become a form of diabolical obsession in the mind.

In addition, again from CNN to FoxNews, looking on their sites will eventually expose the viewer to assaults on purity, from immodest or indecent ads, to salacious stories which are not prudent to present to the public nor discuss openly. The sacredness of the human person as made in the image of God is trashed, while a new image of man is proclaimed, one which has been formed under the pressure of this oppression.

You can find PART I and PART III and PART IV here.

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