Some Slaying Dragons Merchandise!

As you will see in the upcoming podcast I did with "Rules for Retrogrades," with Timothy Gordon and David Gordon, I now have some Slaying Dragons merchandise available!

There will be more coming, as I am quite distracted these days by getting the book in Audible, and in Spanish, and available across the globe, as well as working on a new book that will surely be of interest to those who enjoyed Slaying Dragons.

So, we have a Slaying Dragons mug, with the great new logo by Kristen Kum:
(If you zoom in on the mug in the store, the image appears pixelated, but the image is NOT blurry on the actual mug - I have one :)

And the same logo on some stickers:

And the same logo on a T-Shirt!

I have some additional images in mind, for the mugs especially.  That will be forthcoming.


As always...

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