Spiritual Warfare Book for Teenagers and Youth!

If you know anyone who is young (age 15 to 25), it is likely that you fear for their spiritual survival.

As a Theology teacher for ten years, and a father of three, I know why we fear for them.

I, too, was a wayward youth, and I learned the hard way that the youth need to be trained in spiritual warfare.

This book, Swords and Shadows: Navigating Youth Amidst the Wiles of Satan, is the fruit of a grand conversion which Our Lord orchestrated in my life twenty years ago, and which is still playing out to this day.  It was written at the same time that I was researching and writing my other spiritual warfare book, Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See and What We Should Know.

As I believe you will agree - Swords and Shadows is a book our youth and young adults need to read!

Written by a once-fallen-away Catholic, lost in depression, who was lifted up by God's grace to become a (now former) seminarian and now a 10-year Theology teacher, father of three, and author of a spiritual warfare book that is now internationally acclaimed (Slaying Dragons):  it is based on a true story, brief and to the point, practical and enlightening, real and inspiring.

The author is a high school teacher who desires, “to give the real Truth” to his students.  He really believes in the Devil and the attacks of the Enemy on the soul.

The author says from the nonce: “The plight of the youth is why I wrote this book: to share what I have seen, experienced and learned about this war.”  The Church which Jesus Christ has instituted has perfected the art of spiritual warfare and is constantly training new soldiers.  Learn to see how Satan acts and attacks and resist him.  Take up the weapons of Holy Mother Church.  Wait no longer.  Fight, and be free.”

There are practical tips in this book for young people about things common to them, for example, music.  Included are prayers and an examination of conscience.  This is a manual.

Are you a director of youth formation at your parish, looking for a spiritual warfare book directed toward the youth and young adults?

Are you a parent, looking for a better understanding of what the youth are going through and how to help them?

The early Chapters describe for the reader the ways in which my youth turned toward a major depression.  It describes the lies that I believed and the false self-identity that emerged, all of which eventually stole from me all hope in God and in a joyful future.

As the book progresses, the reader is presented with an analysis of the common sources, for me as for the modern generation, of the plan of Satan to systematically destabilize and destroy our lives.  The reader is presented with an evaluation of common elements of our culture, and common philosophies, which are subtly undermining our happiness and virtue.

The reader is also taught about the binding prayer, a basic approach to prayer, and helpful tips of how to protect your mind from temptation and the twisting of reality - a skill at which the demons are highly trained.

Still based within the story of my conversion, the later Chapters explain how Our Lord truly rescued me from a life characterized by depression and despair, and transformed me, rather miraculously, into one of the happiest and most joyful young adults you would have ever met.

Finally, the book offers a practical guide called "What Now?", giving the reader basic and fundamental wisdom on how to re-order one's life toward God, purge the evils from it, and bring God's abundant blessings into it.

It concludes with an Examination of Conscience for Teenagers, written by the author himself.

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Thank you and God bless you.


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