New Book in the Works! ...and an Appeal

With three books completed, and one traveling far and wide, I have discerned that God and I would both like for me to keep writing books!
What's this?!

Given the amount of money that both a teacher (which I am) and a writer (which I would like to be more fully) make, this is not an easy undertaking.  However, Truth is liberating! ...and I like to write about the Truth.

The impact on readers, from the things that I collected in Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know, has been beyond humbling.  It has truly caused me to wonder what Our Lord, our Divine Providence, is up to in my life.  
Ever since my conversion, He has revealed Himself to me under this title - Divine Providence.  If I had the time, I could share an amazing number of stories of how He has clearly arranged my life on many occasions.

So, I have continued to write.  AND - I am almost halfway through the writing process for a NEW BOOK!  
The topic I have only hinted at, and it involves spiritual warfare and fatherhood, a topic that is definitely needed and of interest, as I particularly saw from the response to this article, "The Role of the Father, according to Exorcists," which, since I posted it in late January, has received almost 28,000 views!  I hit a nerve with that one...

SO, I am asking for your prayers for this new endeavor which, with the school year beginning again, will be more difficult to complete.

AND, I wanted to highlight that I now have both a PayPal and a Patreon set up for those who might like to offer their support for this writer.  I have several more books waiting to be written, but it is difficult to be a full-time writer.

HERE IS THE LINK to the different ways you could offer your support:

For those who can support this work through Patreon, I have it set up for you to get a free copy of the new book when it is completed.  I do not yet have a date in mind, but I am hoping to have it finished in time for Christmas - God willing.
Thank you for your consideration and may God bless you.