The World is Doing Its Best to Get Possessed - a Timely Repost

This article was originally posted Nov. 9, 2019, but may have gone "under the radar" for many people who follow this site now...

I could just post this story without comment, but what fun is that.

Don't forget: demons can push people sometimes.
First, in 2016, someone thought they had accomplished something remarkable by putting the "world's largest Ouija board" on top of a purportedly haunted hotel in Windber, Pennsylvania.  This was deemed worthy to be named the "Guinness World Record holder" for the largest Ouija board.  See here.

However, in honor of the current global descent into superstition and paganism, someone in Salem, Massachusetts recently decided to build what is referred to as "Ouijazilla."  See here.  This one is not on top of a hotel but in an open field.

Outdoor "Temple to All Demons," I would say
This one is large enough for five full-sized eighteen-wheelers to park on top of. asks the appropriate question:

"Whose spirit will be summoned with the help of the [sic] what’s being touted as the world’s largest ouija board? Those visiting Salem on Saturday are about to find out."

But, as exorcists say, by the time you find out what spirit it is that you have just summoned, it's too late.

For the Talking Board Historical Society, apparently that is a risk they are willing to encourage others to take.  They are the ones responsible for the establishment of this better-named "Temple to All Demons,"* ironically, or mockingly, unveiled this year just three weeks before All Saints Day.  Its predecessor of infamy, the crown of the haunted hotel of Windber, was also unveiled close to All Hallows in 2016, on October 28, just four days before the sacred Feast.

From the fascinating article on this haunted hotel, you can see that, while they may have been trumped by the "Temple to All Demons"* when it comes to the record books, they are still capably competing on the level of preternatural manifestations.  Actually, if their status in 2017 still holds today, they are leading the way in introducing people to malevolent spiritism.

Blair Murphy, the mastermind behind the giant Ouija board on top of the hotel, spoke about the intensity of preternatural manifestations which characterized the hotel for a number of years.  Eventually, years after he and his wife and daughter had moved in, the amount of activity dropped off almost entirely.  The silence lasted for about two years.  Missing the preternatural antics, they decided to play with a Ouija board inside the hotel, hoping to stir up the spirits.  The impact of that moment was remarkable.  As the article says, "According to the independent movie maker [Murphy], the results were terrifying."

The article continues, saying,
“Things flipped out throughout the hotel. Energies were swirling. Guests were getting completely freaked out,” says Blair, “it seemed to kick things up into an entire new level of paranormal activity. We were seeing floating people and hearing voices and even the hotel pets were flipping out and reacting to unseen forces. Our dreams were pretty wild. And it wasn't just us. Other longer-term hotel residents were saying ‘there is absolutely something going on here’ and having their own middle of the night weird encounters.”

That gave them an idea: a giant Ouija board on top of the hotel would make sure the demons knew they were completely welcome in the building.  So they built one, completing it in 2016.

In the article, Murphy speaks about sensing the hotel calling him to live there.  "I always looked at it like the hotel chose me," he said.

He would be wise to read The Demon of Brownsville Road.  This is the true account of a Catholic family who moved into a house which was, unknown to them, infested by a powerful demon.  Originally thinking it was a "friendly ghost," this demon attacked and harassed them, leaving the family permanently scarred by the malicious manifestations.  The father of that family also felt peculiarly drawn to buy that house.  The results were anything but good, and he was a practicing Catholic.  Interestingly, that house is less than two hours away from the haunted hotel.

It's all fun and games until somebody gets possessed, right?  Yes to the latter, but playing with demons is never fun in the first place.

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*Just to clarify, "Temple to All Demons" is my own mocking title for the "Ouijazilla."


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