Supporting Small Businesses - Slaying Dragons and The Retreat Box

Many of you are unaware that I also have a (very) small business, which began shortly before I wrote Slaying Dragons
This business was our first attempt at supplementing the income I receive as a high school Theology teacher.  We then began to attend conferences as a vendor to sell our products, eventually launching our website:

We have a lot of different products, from Bibles to books I wrote, Saint Story CDs for kids and music from nuns, chewable Rosaries for babies, and more.
Slaying Dragons, Matando Dragones, Swords and Shadows, and my first book Come Away By Yourselves are all available here as well.

Please take a look and share this email with anyone who may be interested!

Here is a link to products specifically for Advent and Christmas: ADVENT AND CHRISTMAS GIFTS

Here are some samples from the website:

Here is the link to all of our products. LINK  Please note that some are marked as "sold out."  If you would like us to carry a certain product, please use the contact form and send us a message.

Thank you and may God grant you a fruitful Advent of preparation!


Get your copy of Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know.  Available on, including Audible, and soon to be available in many more stores and retailers across the globe - and now in Spanish!  Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe above to get more updates and articles.  God bless you.

Also, get your copy of Swords and Shadows: Navigating Youth Amidst the Wiles of Satan, the story of my own youth and conversion, told to youth and young adults through the lens of spiritual warfare.  Beneficial for parents as well.  Get your copy SOON as this book has been picked up by a publisher and will soon be unavailable for about six months!