Podcast: On Prayer + Our Lord's Love for Us + the Power and Need for Grace!

Prepare for Advent with this great podcast I did recently with The Frontline with Joe and Joe!
Advent is a time to ramp up our prayers and prepare our souls for the power of the Incarnation.
We discuss my first book, Come Away By Yourselves: A Guide to Making a Retreat, which is a guide for busy Catholics to learn how to find the time that actually IS available in our days, despite how things may appear.

It contains practical reflections and suggestions on how to see this time, seize it, and consecrate it, as quick as it may be, into fruitful conversation with Our Lord who loves us more intensely and personally than we realize.

It also has nine reflections based on the writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori, all aimed at conveying this truly personal love that Our Lord has for us and what we can really do to respond and be changed by it.
NB: audio drops out at min. 20 for ten seconds...
In this great podcast, we cover a whole host of issues related to the spiritual life:
  • The origin of my book, Come Away By Yourselves: A Guide to Making a Retreat
  • The power of understanding how Our Lord looks at us and how that aids us in praying more easily
  • The importance of a daily prayer life to create a holy spiritual momentum
  • The importance of the state of grace
  • The importance of Confession
  • How sin and guilt can lead to discouragement, and how to fight against it
  • That we must never give up on Our Lord's mercy - He's always there for us
  • The progression of the conversion of our souls to Christ - conversion never ends
  • The growth and expansion of grace in the soul
  • The power of Confession to initiate a conversion - my 2nd and 4th major conversion moments
  • The power of Christ to open up the soul miraculously, end desolation, change the perspective of the soul and make the soul desire prayer with ease
  • The power of Christ to reveal to us spiritual insights and realities we've never seen before
  • The power of sin to wound us and of Confession to heal us and break our vices and evil momentum
  • How Confession can destroy our sins and restore our attraction to goodness
  • That Christ can give you spiritual gifts, and He desires to do so
  • The power of Christ's presence in Adoration to change the soul
  • The beauty of the world when all is seen through Christ's love for us
  • The power of fasting to re-order our souls, destroy vice and lingering diabolical strongholds

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