In Real Danger - Cry Out To The Lord!

When the Apostles were at sea, and the Lord was asleep, St. Luke notes something very important for us to remember:
"...they...were in danger."

When the Lord was asleep (which symbolizes His death and His time removed from us), the Apostles, in the midst of a great storm which was about to sink their boat and drown them, were truly afraid and in danger of succumbing to the madness of the elements.

What did they do?  They awakened the Lord from His apparent slumber!  

How did they do it?  They cried out to the Lord, "Master, Master, we are perishing!"
We are all in a time of darkness and storms, of uncertainty and fear.  We know that there is a reign of evil both in the hierarchy of man and in the hierarchy of spirits.  But, what do we do?

Do we give in to fear and the reign of godlessness and sink beneath the waves of the world, which the Prince of Darkness has stirred up against the Church and all mankind?

Do we hold fast to the reins of the ship and cry out, "Save, Lord, we are perishing!"?

And do we do this also with faith?  Note that, from the event in the Gospel, the Apostles did not call out with faith, and Our Lord rebuked them for that.

Still, summoned by His Apostles, He arose and rebuked the storm and brought peace.  
But we, we must have faith, as the Lord commanded here, for we know that we live in the last age of the world.  
As this same Lord has told us, a time will come with mankind will be seduced by lies, embrace the reign of evil, abandon Him, and suffer as a result, even unto damnation.

He will come - He will awaken - He will rescue His faithful ones.  But who are those "faithful ones"?  They are those who hold fast and do not despair, as they are battered and bruised and beaten by the storm.

That storm, both in the heavens and on the earth, is clearly upon us.  
Hold fast to the truths that have been handed on to you.

Pray and fight, and fight with prayer.  CRY OUT TO THE LORD!
The time may soon come when the primary weapons we have against evil are prayer and righteous deeds, good works and holiness, virtue in action, manifesting in patient endurance of persecution and suffering.
It may be that those who follow the Master will meet death in this generation.  
Increase your prayer life and your detachment from this earthly life.  
Are you daily ready to offer your body as a sacrifice to the Lord,* knowing that He will receive you and care for you with eternal blessings for your witness and fidelity?  
- How much do you cringe at the thought of God calling you to your death?  
- Would you willingly accept it today if that call came to you?  
- Are you confident that you would be in a state of grace at that moment?
- Would you surrender your life to God in a spirit of faith and trust, or in fear and despair?
Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and give you the grace of freedom that you need to embrace that final moment of the gift of earthly life, and suffer your passing bravely and with joy.

*Hebrews 10:5

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