Spiritual Warfare Checklist - Find True Freedom

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When we have spiritual struggles, especially ones that are unusual or burdensome, in order to begin the process of finding relief and strength, we must analyze the state of our soul and our practice of the Faith.  There are many fundamental things which must be considered first, before proceeding to others.  Often, the burden or struggle can be addressed by a renewal of the fundamental structures of grace in our souls, which then restores the source of divine life or increases its flow into our souls.


After this, if we are still burdened by the wounds from our sins or are not progressing in the way we would like, we must consider how well we are taking up the spiritual arms provided by the Church.  These weapons are critical for any person who desires to both make and maintain spiritual progress.  The basics of spiritual warfare will bring noticeable strength and clarity to our souls and produce many of the spiritual effects that we desire.


Still, for many people, they realize that, despite ensuring that the foundations of grace and spiritual warfare are in place, they still feel stunted in their spiritual growth or burdened by excessive temptations, worries, or other spiritual concerns.  At this point, the Church provides a more advanced treatment to the soul and weightier spiritual weapons.  These are not necessary for everyone and are primarily utilized by those who have suffered from serious sin or a life of sin, the effects of the occult, or family involvement in Freemasonry or other malevolent practices.


First things for each person to consider:

o   Am I in a state of grace?

o   If married, was I married in the Church and according to the Church’s laws?

o   Have I been to Confession in the last month?

o   Do I go to Holy Mass every Sunday and receive Holy Communion?

o   Do I set aside Sunday as a Holy Day and keep it in honor of Our Lord?

o   Do I pray every day, ideally at least fifteen minutes?

o   Do I pray the Holy Rosary every day?

o   Do I seek to avoid all sin every day and ask for forgiveness when I fall?

o   Do I keep track of my sins and take them all, mortal and venial, to Confession?

o   Do I seek to avoid over-indulgence of any created good?

o   Do I seek to enjoy proper leisure activities to give myself necessary rest?

o   Do I avoid gossip and strive to always think well of others?

o   Do I seek to be humble?

o   Do I avoid permissiveness toward the sins of others and seek to lead others to holiness?


The next things to consider:

o   Are there any items in my house (books, videos, images) that promote vice, sinful curiosity, immodesty, or promiscuity?

o   Do I tolerate television or video programs that subtly suggest or present immoral images, innuendo, lifestyles, or suggestions?

o   Do I avoid pornography, abortion, contraception, adultery, and any other major mortal sins?

o   Is my house blessed?

o   Do I bless my home with holy water or blessed salt periodically?

o   Do I have additional sacramentals in the house, like blessed candles, blessed Crucifixes on the walls, and sacred images of Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Angels and Saints?

o   Do I wear a Scapular and a St. Benedict medal?

o   Do I try to fulfill the First Friday and First Saturday devotions?

o   Do I go to Confession every two weeks and whenever I am in need or I sense that going to Confession would help in dealing with a strong temptation?

o   Do I go to Daily Mass every time I am able?

o   Do I seek to fill my mind with sacred thoughts, imagery, and sounds, in order to sanctify myself and drive out any diabolical activity?

o   Have I sought to acquire spiritual healing for all of the moral wounds I may have suffered in my past?

o   Do I use the binding prayer against all, and especially persistent, temptations toward sin?



o   Are there any items that are tied to the occult in my house?

o   Have I renounced any connections I may have had in the past to the occult?

o   Have I renounced all of the major mortal sins, like habitual sins against the flesh, fornication, abortion, adultery, pornography, and the occult, that I have ever committed in my life?

o   If I have any connections to the Freemasons in my family, have I analyzed that to discover if I need to break any Freemasonic curses or associated curses?

o   Are there any indicators that my home might be infested with a demon?

o   Do I have any thoughts that are persistent, disordered, despairing, and seemingly beyond my own choosing?


If, by the end of this checklist, you have some serious concerns remaining, it is advisable to speak to your pastor or a priest whom you trust.  He might decide that another blessing of the home is in order.  He might suggest practical ways to increase your personal spiritual life, including making a general Confession.  He can also lead you through any renunciations of attachments to sin and, if applicable, spiritual issues related to personal or family involvement in Freemasonry.  Never fear asking your pastor for help.  He, or another priest, has the power and authority to lead you to God.



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