Teen Spiritual Warfare Manual - "Swords and Shadows" - Back on Sale with the Author

Perhaps it was simply Divine Providence, that He preferred that I keep custody over my books, which enables me to do more with them and see them as part of a mission or an apostolate that He has entrusted to me...

Swords and Shadows is back home with the author and on sale once more!

You can buy it here on Amazon or here from my own webstore (and Amazon gets less money).
As most readers will recall, TAN Books had decided to publish Swords and Shadows back in November 2020.  
Sadly, their beloved editor, John Moorehouse, who had brought me on with TAN and was the editor for my book, died suddenly on December 5th.

As a result of this sudden loss of a key editor, TAN had to reassess the number of projects in their pipeline, and the resources they had to bring everything to publication in a timely manner.  As a result, the book deal fell through with TAN.  They were very gracious about the whole thing and I understand the situation they were in.  I may pursue publication with another publisher at some point, but I have republished the book in the meantime!

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People have reached out to me about Swords and Shadows just as they have for Slaying DragonsFor Swords and Shadows, people have stated
  • it is helpful for parents to use to talk to their teens about these difficult issues in the context of our Faith
  • it helps parents because they do not need to share their own story as the book is already built around mine
  • it addresses issues like bullying and the occult, but does not get deep into the much darker moral evils
  • it is a good conversation starter and the lessons can be applied to issues not addressed specifically in the book 
  • it is a good primer, for some, before reading Slaying Dragons

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The story of my own youth and conversion, told to youth and young adults through the lens of spiritual warfare.  
Beneficial for parents as well - greatly enjoyed.  
This book is back in the author's hands again - details coming soon 
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