First Episcopal Endorsement for "Slaying Dragons"!

The other day, by God's Providence, I received the FIRST ENDORSEMENT FROM A BISHOP for Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know!!

While it is not uncommon for books on Theology to receive endorsements from priests and Bishops, my book is self-published and, except for a tiny amount of paid advertisement, has spread purely by word-of-mouth, networking, grassroots recommendations, and podcasts.

I believe it points to the importance of the spiritual warfare wisdom contained in Slaying Dragons that this book has been so successful, produced as it is by a no-name indy press and author.

That being said, my book has been on the desks of several Bishops for a little while, and one has given it his endorsement!

From His Excellency, the Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas,
"I have just finished reading Charles Fraune's excellent book, Slaying Dragons. I heartily recommend this book for anyone who wishes to better understand satanic possession and influence as the Church moves closer to the end of its present crisis."
+The Most Reverend Rene Henry Gracida 
Thank you, Your Excellency!  You are in our prayers.

 Image courtesy of YouTube interview he did with Church Militant, available here.


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The story of my own youth and conversion, told to youth and young adults through the lens of spiritual warfare.  
Beneficial for parents as well - greatly enjoyed.  
This book is back in the author's hands again - details coming soon 
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  1. Is it in e-book format and how much?

    1. Yes - it is $9.00 and you can find it here, and likely other places as well:


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