Renewing the Sacramental Momentum of Lent

As we near the end and the culmination of our Lenten journey of penance, it is critical that we reflect on the status of our self-discipline, for its intensity will determine the depth to which we are able to immerse ourselves in the power of Christ's saving grace.

To that end, I present here the prayer I wrote for my article about blessed ashes.  It is written based on the petitions offered by the Church in the process of blessing the ashes for Ash Wednesday.
It may be found useful now, to refresh and rekindle our Lenten devotion.
Even for those whose Lent has been weak or non-existent so far, this moment could serve to initiate a deep and last-minute surge of devotion.
Spare me, Thy penitent son, O God, and be merciful to me as I humbly implore Thy assistance.

Send, O God, Thy holy Angel from heaven to bless me and sanctify me, that I may receive what Thou promisest to give to those who receive Thy blessed ashes and embark on this Lenten fast.

Grant me, Almighty and everlasting God, health of body and safety of soul, as I kneel before Thee, accusing myself, conscious of my sins, deploring my misdeeds before Thy divine mercy, and humbly and earnestly beseeching Thy sovereign goodness.

Behold and bless my desire to be marked as Thy faithful and penitent disciple, and grant me strength in the frailty of my human nature. I am but ashes and dust and to dust I will one day return. Pardon me, O merciful Savior, and grant me the rewards Thou promisest to the penitent.

O God, who art moved by humiliation, and appeased by satisfaction, incline the ear of Thy goodness to my prayers and mercifully pour forth upon the head of Thy servant the grace of Thy blessing. May Thy grace move me to deepest contrition and sorrow for my sins, and impart to me Thy forgiveness. May Thy blessing increase the efficacy of my prayers, that my petitions would come before Thee this day, and move Thee to bestow upon me these my holy desires.

Grant, O Lord, that this day, by Thy grace and blessing, I may continue well, with holy fasting, the campaign of Christian warfare: that, as I do battle with the spirits of evil, I may be protected by the help of self-denial. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, who lives and reigns with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever. Amen.

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