The "Sacramental" Jab - A Diabolical "Ut Unum Sint"?

NB: The following criticism of the vaccine is not meant to condemn those who, for whatever reason, perhaps of truly good motives, have decided to take it.  It is primarily a consideration of the global mechanism at work which is pivoting around the universal acceptance of this vaccine.


A perversion of the Church’s mandate:  instead of it being through Christ that we may all be one, it is through this new medical awakening – the Vax.  Thus, it is now the World that proclaims, “Ut Unum Sint.” 


This reflection is intended to compel the reader to wonder, "Where is all of this headed?"  The level of craziness involving the promises which the covid vaccine possesses is so high that many are beginning to put certain pieces together and to see a whole picture coming into view.  What jumps out is beyond disturbing.

First - A Brief Review of the Situation

In the face of a new virus, the whole world came together through a global pandemic of fear.  One by one, as the Wuhan devil crept and hopped across the globe, nearly every single country on the planet, upon which God placed mankind, succumbed to this new paralysis.

Fomented by world powers, whose smirking faces coincidingly called for a global “Great Reset” for humanity, all mankind came to a halt.  Stores closed, schools closed, roads closed, and even the Temples of the Most High God, the Churches where sanctifying grace flows forth for the protection, encouragement, sanctification, and redemption of mankind, were shuttered.

At first, it was just presented as precautionary, “to slow the spread.”  Then, it was extended … and extended.  Governors and world leaders discovered that they possessed a seemingly new and crippling authority to shut up mankind in their homes.  In many areas of the world, police enforced this with arrests and detainment.

The world was then gripped by more than just the fear of a virus, but also by the fear of the potential collapse of civilization and the fear of a disturbing rise in a neo-totalitarian government, peculiarly emerging all across the world.

While the virus did impact those with vulnerable health, and many deaths came about which were tied to the new virus, most people survived it, with many not even knowing they had it.  The controlled news networks trumpeted, in the spirit of fear, the rising death rate, and the many sad stories it brought, ignoring the stories of those who endured the virus without serious issues.  CNN has just recently been exposed for intentionally trumpeting the fear of dying from the virus in order to drive ratings higher.

Despite the fact that the true numbers related to the danger of the virus indicate that most people do just fine with it, governments throughout the world continued to enforce a strict lockdown and removal of God-given freedoms.  In order to move about in any capacity, masks were required, sanitizing sprays were placed everywhere, and “social distancing” was mandated.  As aspects of society eventually opened up, people began to fear people, and all stood behind the mask, a muzzle on the expression and communication we once enjoyed with each other.

Only essential workers and businesses were permitted to operate, but this did not include Churches, whose Bishops and priests willing shut down and forbid the people from entering, thus denying to give them absolution and Holy Communion, except for the brave few in various areas of the world.

Enter the Vax – Man’s Miracle

Then came the Vax, the covid vaccine.  Word began to spread that this was our new hope, and the antidote to the pandemic of fear!  The vaccine!  All hail!

And this is where things really get interesting.

The vaccine, which had been created in record speed, faster than ever thought possible, and with a technology and mechanism (mRNA) never before approved by the FDA (and still for emergency use only), was ushered onto the scene with lightning speed.

Like "lightning falling from heaven"?

The covid vaccines are a miracle; Yes, an honest-to-God miracle,” read the headline of the dissident America Jesuit magazine.  But their heterodoxy is not why they said that, for they are simply parroting the World which is celebrating something that man has created: “the vaccine miracle,” says the Guardian, an opinion trumpeted by the Wall Street Journal and the New Yorker.  Mike Pence also, in December, placing it in the context of the hope which Christmas stirs, calls it a “medical miracle,” and a Utah news group says, “The vaccine is the miracle we prayed for on Good Friday.”  The National Post refers to it as the “collective miracle in which everyone who gets vaccinated is participating.” [Links: here, here, here, here, here, here, and here]

So, now mankind is witnessing a man-made miracle-inspired revolution!  As one governor said, this vaccine is now “Our Ticket to Freedom”!

Sarcasm here:  But, that makes sense, right?  If it is a miracle (and God usually performs miracles) and it brings us freedom (which is what God also brings), then that makes sense, right?!  All hail the vax!

But it isn’t that simple.

The Vaccine or Else:  A Diabolical Ut Unum Sint

For all of us to come back together, the powers that be, the rulers of this realm of darkness, and the human agents, both presidents of nations and Global Medical Powers (as they should be called), have presented the Vax to us in a disconcerting way.

It has gone from, “we’re trying to save you” by means of the Vax, to “get the Vax or stay home.”  The “opening up” of society is now dependent on getting the Vax.  It is no longer presented as an aid to health but as the way to have your God-given freedoms restored to you by your benevolent neo-totalitarian dictators.

The language being used in many areas of society is that the Vax is not “mandatory” but “encouraged.”  The Vax is becoming mandatory in many places of the world, though, with reports of bars and gyms restricting access to the vaccinated only, of businesses coercing employees to get the Vax or get a new job, and vaccine passports emerging all over the world, with such speed and gravity that many US states have already passed legislation to outlaw the practice.  But some states are also implementing them.  [Links here, here, and here]

And then there’s the military.  A recent report reveals disturbing restrictions for the un-vaxxed and benefits for the vaxxed.  This comes at the same time as reports that forty percent of the military have refused to take the Vax, provoking Democrats to urge Biden to now make it mandatory.  Illegal coercion with the promise of the loosening of restrictions is convincing many servicemen, who were otherwise opposed to it, to change their minds and get the Vax.  Those who refuse suffer from many forms of restriction and isolation.  Aboard Navy ships, there is further pressure for the ship to reach one hundred percent vaccination on board.  If achieved, it would lead to further relaxation of restrictions, including the end of masks on board and a general return to normal. Thus, the Vax-refusers are pressured, baited, and coerced to compromise their stance. [Links here and here.]

Celebrity Selling the Vax to the World

In the context of this pandemic of fear, whose sole cure is the miraculous Vax, we have the disturbing energy of celebration coming from the gods of this world, the Hollywood elites and the Democratic Party.  Numerous events are scheduled to be held soon to encourage the world to take the Vax.

If you don’t know why we should not trust Hollywood and the Democratic Party, read through this article I wrote:

If the World is celebrating something, and wants everyone else to do so with them, we should be more than suspicious.

On Sunday, April 18th, a bunch of celebrities and the President, and Fauci himself, put on a spectacle called “Roll Up Your Sleeves,” to promote the vax.  As the article states, “Roll Up Your Sleeves” aims to "educate viewers, raise awareness and dispel concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.” Biden will speak about the importance of getting vaccinated in order to "beat the pandemic, protect loved ones and continue the road to recovery."  Former NBA stars, along with former President Obama will appear in the special in order to “remind audiences that getting the COVID-19 vaccine is a crucial step for Americans to return to the activities they love."  [Link here and here]

Get the Vax = get your liberties back.  

Get the Vax = see your loved ones again.

But not only your liberties, but also free donuts, multiple kinds of free beer, and free lamination for your “I got vaxxed” card! [Link here and here]

And don’t forget about all the free money they’ve been tossing out in the US for the past…year.

Later, on May 8th, another “star-studded” event to promote the Vax, will occur. 

As The Hill states, “A star-studded lineup – including Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and the Foo Fighters – is coming together for a concert to promote COVID-19 vaccinations. The goal of Global Citizen's ‘Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World,’ organizers said in a statement, is to ‘inspire vaccine confidence worldwide and help get the COVID-19 vaccines to everyone, everywhere’.”  As the article states, “Global Citizen,” the group just mentioned, “is partnering with the World Health Organization (WHO) for the music event, saying it will tout a vaccine sharing program led by the organization to ‘ensure low-income countries can access COVID-19 vaccines’.”  [Link here and here] 

“Reunite the World”…eh?  Through the vax??

Why not present the “utterly convincing truth” of the matter, only with bona fide doctors and data?  Instead…Hollywood and entertainment and booze.

All of this is actually a bit frightening.  Everyone knows about covid and the Vax already.  These events are not about education – it is propaganda and coercion.  It represents an aggression on the part of the World culture to invite, “peacefully,” everyone to join them.

But this indoctrination is not only being pushed by the high-scale glamorization of the world-wide-community “come together” events.  It is also being pushed on the grassroots level. 

In Michigan, a group called the Protector Coalition is working on helping to “create a culture shift across the political spectrum, one that embraces masks, distancing, and vaccination.” 

As creepy as that is, it’s not as creepy as the mechanism itself, Protector Coalition, and its structure.  This group is “made up of public health experts and professional storytellers in the entertainment industry.”  They are “working up narratives and storylines to use in ads and TV shows” to create this “shift” in perspective in the minds of the people – i.e. all those who mindlessly indulge in the entertainment culture of modern America (which is most of us).  One can imagine they will likely be successful, as we have seen with Hollywood’s efforts to indoctrinate the country against Christian morals. [Link here]

The question is:  what will this World movement of Vax-encouragement do when the minority of mankind still resists the Vax?  How long will they try to convince us or shut us out of society if we remain un-vaxxed?  Because, as we can see…they REALLY want us to take the Vax.  What if we don’t?

The Involvement of the Vatican – Unity through Medical Advancement?

Interestingly, the above date for the “star-studded event,” May 8th,  is the last day of a disturbing event sponsored by the Vatican.  From May 6th – 8th, the Vatican is sponsoring “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul : Unite to Prevent & Unite to Cure.  A Global Health Care Initiative: How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health.”

The idea that this event is disturbing is seen when you first look at the event itself.  Headlining with a creepy mockery of a sacred painting by Michelangelo, the event is moderated by “world-renowned journalists” from the main-stream media that we know we can’t trust.

The title of the event, with the creepy image in the background, has the Church use the image of “unity” in the context of “cure,” “health,” and “novel delivery.”  Thus, the Vatican is loudly pushing, with this language, the same spirit of unity that the World is pushing:  via the Vax.

A perversion of the Church’s mandate:  instead of it being through Christ that we may all be one, it is through this new medical awakening – the Vax.   

Thus, it is now the World that proclaims, “Ut Unum Sint.”

This event “will bring together physicians, scientists, ethicists, religious leaders, patient rights advocates, policymakers, philanthropists and commentators to discuss the status quo in medical research and technology, and how these are implemented at a global level.”  Its aim is to explore “the relationship of religion and spirituality to health and wellbeing, including the relationship between mind, body and soul.” 

Not only that, but, as the Vatican website states, “One of the main perspectives of the event deals with the deeper meaning of human existence and seeks areas of convergence between the humanities and the natural sciences.”

OK, but who’s attending and speaking?  On the list of speakers, in addition to a large number of medical providers and “experts,” many of whom embrace population reduction, is the CEO of Moderna, the CEO of Pfizer, the director of the NIH, Anthony Fauci, a representative from the FDA, a Rabbi, a Sufi Imam, two Mormons, a former Tibetan monk, and, of course, the odd modern guru, Deepak Chopra. [Link here]

Why would the World partner with the Church to discuss “the deeper meaning of human existence”?  Why would the Church partner with the World to discuss “the deeper meaning of human existence”?

All of this…with the Vatican?  “Keys of the Kingdom,” remember – but the keys to which Kingdom will be rattling at this gathering?

The Deepening Failure of Church Leadership – Incense to the Pachamama?

Global submission to the neo-totalitarianism has infected the Church leadership to a very disturbing degree.  Recent news has shown how dangerously seductive the voice of the World has become to the hierarchy of the Church; a diabolical enchantment that began with the naivete of many Church leaders in the 60s and 70s, when they opened the “windows” of the Church at the time when the World was filled with a poisonous gas.

In recent months, Catholic Churches have been making the news for their compliance with the rising coercive “get the Vax” threat, pressured by the World, as described above. 

In New Jersey, at the Church of the Precious Blood, the pastor finally “opened up” from the fear and allowed Confession to resume, but only for those who were vaccinated.  “Only those who are vaccinated may come to the Sacrament of Penance,” read the headline of the parish website.  Thankfully, but almost two months later, the Diocese of Trenton stepped in and cancelled that policy.  [Link here and here]

Other parishes have made the news for “opening up” and allowing potluck dinners “for the fully vaccinated only” and for segregating the vaxxed from the un-vaxxed, as the images here reveal.

Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas is a “case in point” on the matter.  Having been the first Bishop in the US to shut down his Churches as the pandemic of fear arrived, he is still maintaining, against the directives of Arkansas, that masks are mandatory at all times in Churches, and that those who desire to take Holy Communion to the sick, or to sing in the Choir, must receive the Vax in order to do so.

A curious additional point is his dissident stance on the issue of abortion, in that he refuses to withhold Holy Communion from Catholic politicians who advocate for the slaughter of the innocent, appearing also to place abortion as equally important to immigration and gun control issues.  This would place him in the same camp as those many Hollywood Vax cheerleaders we have discussed above.  [Link here]

One priest, Fr. Sergio Muñoz Fita, recognizing the error of locking down the Churches, begged for the forgiveness of his parish on Holy Thursday.  Recognizing that when people see him, they see the Church, and when he acts as a priest, they see the Church and God acting in the world, he asks for forgiveness for abandoning them by depriving them of the Eucharist.  “You turned to your father for bread, and we gave you a stone,” he says. 

Seeing in this image the conviction from Our Lord, who stated in Matthew 7, “What man of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone?”, Fr. Fita vowed:

“What I can promise you is that I will never again be a party to something similar, and that if obedience places me in such a situation again, I will withdraw so as not to be a responsible and guilty party to something that, even today, weighs on my conscience, as the act of which I am most ashamed in my entire life.” [Link here]

Global Neo-Totalitarianism

As we take a look now at this new global totalitarianism, we must briefly consider the role of abortion.

Spiritually, for many decades, abortion has dominated the conversation about the state of the world.  “The world is set for a chastisement,” as one exorcist put it bluntly, “solely for abortion.”  This ominous calculation does not take into consideration the many, many other grave sins the world has not only committed, not only embraced, but celebrated and enshrined.  If there is a God (and there is), He will not ignore it, because He loves us and wants us to turn from evil.

Exorcists, and those who work with them, are engaged in the work of releasing prisoners kidnapped or trapped by the agents of the Kingdom of Satan.  That is an apt description of their ministry.  There are many people in this world who worship false gods and the ultimate Father of Lies who stands behind them all.

But, we must ask, for what reason does Hollywood and the Democratic Party, China and the global powers, desire so intensely to promote abortion?  Power. Influence. Control.

Evil men do not become benefactors to society, but seize power through whatever means, and keep it.

The unnamed god whom the world has worshipped through the hidden human sacrifices of abortion has been true to his promise, at least for the time.  Long ago, he stated in a manner that would become quite plain and public, “Worship me, and I will give you authority over all the kingdoms of the earth, and the glory they contain shall me yours.” (cf. Luke 4:5-7)

What we must see is this:  we now have, on the heels of this long-running global celebration of human sacrifice, a new movement toward global dominion.  This neo-totalitarianism has now been made global through covid. 

Regardless of how much cooperation with evil you regard the vaccines to include on the issue of abortion, the Global Medical Powers made sure there would be some, perhaps just enough to make people debate the point, but still enough that every single person with a good conscience would be forced to think about the fact that these vaccines, in some way, are tied back to abortion, as they roll up their sleeve to take the Vax.

A flick of incense to the Moloch, perhaps, but from a distance.   

Their power is likely sourced through abortion, and they want all mankind to be tied to it.

The Diabolical Component and Mechanism

We have to remember that we are not here merely among visible creatures but we also live and move and breathe in the presence of the angelic and the demonic and God Himself.  Thus, there are more powers at work in this pandemic of fear than just the visible agents, both good and evil, that we behold.

What we are experiencing could thus be described in the following way.  We are, as a nation highly likely to be diabolically oppressed, experiencing a certain campaign of temptation on a national scale.  The nation has been destroyed spiritually through a systematic campaign over the last fifty decades or so.  When the Wuhan devil emerged, we quickly permitted the shutdown of all sources of sanctifying grace through the Sacraments.  We sheltered in our homes as the World pounded the drums of fear and shouted “God cannot help you!” 

We first abandoned God – then He allowed all the Churches to be closed.

This diabolical masterpiece can progress much more easily without the presence of sanctifying grace to block it.  During the pandemic of fear, sin abounded but grace did not all the more abound.  The Sacraments and sacramentals were stolen away all the while the pornographers made more aggressive attempts to shove their filth, for free, into the homes and minds of all the World’s prisoners.

As the world pounds upon the drums of fear, the demons are right ready and equipped to egg us on to embrace those fears, dwell on those fears, and let those fears violate our intellects and manipulate our wills.

A diabolical culture can easily be driven mad by the pounding of the drums of fear such as we hear today.  Internal and external manipulations abound.

Mankind’s New Rallying Cry

And now we reach a new point in this saga.  As we clamor to remove the lockdowns, the masks, the closure of Churches and businesses, and our very culture, we are now offered all of these back:  under one condition.

Behold the Vax!   

The unifying Vax!  

The Vax that gives rights and priveleges!   

The Vax that permits your businesses to open!  The Vax that allows you to shop, to board planes, to visit the world, to go to Confession, to sit wherever you would like in Church, to attend Church potlucks, to attend your university, to go to bars and gyms, to serve in the military!

The Vax is a blessing, even a miracle!  Never before have we created such a thing, and so quickly.  Through the Vax, our world will return to normal.  Through the Vax, our businesses and Churches can fully re-open!

The Vax is being introduced to us when the World is in a state of Godlessness and fear.  We have turned away from Him and from trust in Him.  In this fear, the world is running to the Vax, celebrating it, and literally proclaiming from the rooftops how glorious it is.

As Fr. Fita, mentioned above, who begged for forgiveness for shutting his Church, also stated,

We have made [Our Lord] the target of innumerable offenses, contempt and disrespect. We have treated Him as if He were not important. We have relegated Him to the category of things that are 'non-essential,' when in reality there is nothing more necessary for us than Jesus in the Eucharist. We have alienated the Eucharist from the people who now turn their backs on us because we have turned our backs on them. Christ has suffered in silence in the way we have treated Him, as if He were something we had to protect ourselves from.” [Link here]

We have not yet returned from this spiritual apostasy; have not, as Fr. Fita stated, “heard anyone express regret for what happened,” yet we have rallied around a new thing in its place.  If the Churches open up now, as a result of the vax, how is that not a form of idolatry?

Thus We Must Consider

Baptism bestows upon us, through the imparting of sanctifying grace, rights and privileges and benefits in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Through it, we may merit joy in this life through union with Christ and eternal blessedness in Heaven, if we persevere in grace.

But what have we here?

The Vax bestows upon us, through the augmentation of our immune system, rights and privileges and benefits in this World.  Through it, we are permitted to rejoin society and to benefit from the earthly delights which the World has cultivated for our amusement.

By taking the Vax, we accept this segregation and the acknowledgement that our rights now come from the Global Medical Powers, who may take them away from us if they deem the world too dangerous for us to live in. 

We place our trust in the Global Medical Powers through the surrender of our reason by allowing an little-known foreign element into our bodies, our temples, which has not been proven either safe or effective.

By encouraging others to take the Vax, we are propagating their campaign of fear and establishing a dangerous precedent upon which the future will hinge.  When the variants of the virus emerge, the vaccine mandates will return.

The Voice of the Shepherd

Nevertheless…we are still the little sheep of the Divine Shepherd.

We know Him.  We recognize His Voice.  We hear Him when He calls.

We also know not to chase after a voice we do not recognize, a voice of fear, of worldliness, that asks us to set down the Cross for the sake of worldly gain or worldly ease.

The wolves have scattered the flock when the hirelings abandoned us.  Still the Divine Shepherd guards us and protects us, all the while the Cross hangs over us: the road and the path of our Redemption.

Fear not the wolves.

Fear not the hirelings.

Fear not the Cross.

Love the Shepherd of our souls.





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  1. Wonderful article. Thank you. I will share this widely. JMJ

  2. a prelude to the mark of the beast. For the majority intimidation works. When the mark of the beast comes we will be lambs to the slaughter. Check and search the words 'global vaccination' . Pay attention to the dates it was given. God bless.


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