Coming after the Children - Manifestations of the Demon of "Pride"

This article is particularly aimed at parents and grandparents, the shepherds of our children in an age of evil.
I have been preparing my thoughts for a few parish talks on the plight of the youth and spiritual warfare recently.  
Providentially, several disturbing articles have appeared at the same time, each describing elements of the systematic manipulation of the minds and hearts of the youth.  Kids like to attend parades and it seems the culture is trying desperately to get them to attend what I labeled "The Big Parade - Transitioning to Hell" in a recent post and podcast.
The most shocking (though they are all horrendous) news piece was the story of a homosexual men's choir that composed a song and video in which they make quite clear that, in their words, the "gay agenda" is really and truly attempting the mold the minds and hearts of the youth to sign up with this moral corruption.
The video (here) might no longer be available, as the backlash has forced them to remove it and all copies which have been posted on various platforms.  The lyrics are easily found online, such as at CatholicVote here, and other sites here and here.
The group defends its song, and the lyrics, as being satirical, intending simply to celebrate the growing openness and embrace of the homosexual movement among people of all ages.  The "gay agenda," as the song itself puts it, is now focused on the children.  The point they make is that they are working to form children not to "hate
" those with same-sex attraction but to encourage children to see homosexuality as good, healthy, and normal.  
Coming For the Children - Seriously 
They use the expressions, "We're coming for your children" and "We'll convert your children," which, they defend, were intended to be non-literal statements.  However, whether this was truly of diabolical inspiration, or an unintended admission by the anti-culture (which the sleeping Church and the sleeping culture better wake up to), this video is not a joke but the evil truth of the current moment.
Even though they state they are simply trying to educate children "not to hate," but to be "fair and just," what they are doing is inarguably this:  attempting to make children, and the whole culture, view the homosexual lifestyle as good, healthy, normal, and approved by Almighty God.  This is, yes, diabolical.

The problem with their pseudo-altruistic effort to "teach children not to hate" is that it is so much more than that.  The Church herself teaches children not to hate, but she also teaches children to love the Truth and to live and die for it.

What is happening here, today, as was admitted in this video, is a systematic effort to mold our children to believe that what God has condemned is now to be embraced, to see disorder as normal, and to see debauchery and licentiousness as healthy. 
Manifestations of the Demon of "Pride"
The broader effort to "convert the children" also includes exposure to lewd and grossly inappropriate displays at "Pride" events, including parades down city streets.  While it has actually divided the "LGBT" community, many within it are staunch supporters of bringing very young children to attend the parades and specifically, as this columnist makes clear, to watch vile public displays of such a caliber that I will not describe them here.  

This exposure to borderline public pornography is proven to harm the minds of children.  Sexual displays and encounters are traumatizing, particularly to young people.  This evil effort is surely part of a full-scale effort of actually converting the children to the embrace of this deviant lifestyle by inflicting wounds upon the mind, and the passions at a later point, of the children.  As the woman in the above article, published in the Washington Post, states, she also encourages children to be curious about sexual issues involving themselves personally. (I am trying to be vague here)

"Sex education" has been in schools for decades, introducing children in middle school or younger, to promiscuity and molding an amoral sexual attitude.  Planned Parenthood, adamantly opposed to abstinence, is forming children in schools and cities across the country to embrace every imaginable form of sexually disordered thinking and acting.

The Media of the Beast

A recent report has chronicled the work of "LGBT" activists to infiltrate children's television programming in order to cultivate an embrace of the homosexual lifestyle.  In the report, it states that networks, such as Nickelodeon, PBS, and the Cartoon Network, have embraced this new agenda.  From 2017 to 2019, there was a 222% increase in the number of "LGBT" characters in kids' shows.  In 2019, there were 74 "newly debuted or confirmed" "LGBT" characters.
You can peruse a collection of shows here which reveal 259 "LGBT" characters in popular kids' shows.  This chart (below) reveals the shocking reality of this "gay agenda" and how successful it really has been.  Popular shows such as Duck Tales and Arthur have morphed characters into those who embrace the homosexual lifestyle.

All of this is occurring in a culture where the majority of children are plagued, if not addicted, to pornography.  Wound upon wound - our neglected youth are growing up to inherit a future of grave suffering, woundedness, and weakness.

Leading Them Away
The issue, as we know, despite the contrary belief which the culture at large has embraced, is that the homosexual lifestyle is gravely sinful and harmful.  Being a mortal sin, which brings the person into living in a "state of sin," it imperils the soul and one's salvation.  In the current context, in this generation, it is even more dangerous, as these sins dwell now within a greater evil, what I like to call the "anti-culture":  the movement, across the globe, to throw off the "old code" of religion, spirituality, reason, and morals, in order to re-invent mankind in the image of modernism.

To pull this off, Satan has set his eyes on the youth.  If he can destroy them, he will, within a generation, possess the whole world.

When a child is taught that it is a "loving" thing to embrace and tolerate and support, in all aspects of the culture, what God and His Holy Church have revealed to be gravely sinful and disordered, and that child is raised without the supernatural elevation of his intellect by the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, there really is little hope of bringing that child back to reason, Truth, and holiness.

Our fight must increase in its intensity.  
We must wake up and realize that greater sacrifices must be made to ensure the protection of the minds and hearts of our children.  We must see the aggressiveness of the anti-culture and unplug our children from its tentacles of influence.

The entertainment value of the culture is not worth it.
The enjoyment of the modern comforts of the culture is not worth it.
The security and stability afforded by modern society is not worth it.

No convenience or benefit or pleasure or luxury or ease of living is worth sacrificing the innocence of our children, which, of great valuable in itself, is also the very innocence and purity of the future of the Church.

When we permit our children to enter into this Dragon's Den, we ourselves are partly responsible for the evil they commit and the wounds they receive.

We must not think that God's graces are magical, that He will simply wipe away all their tears and make everything alright in this world.

People go to Hell for mortal sins and the sad reality is that our children are candidates for both Heaven and for Hell.  We are charged to protect the graces that God has infused into their souls.  If we neglect to protect them in the ways we are able, we will suffer with them.

Yes, this world is full of troubles, but it is also infused with the sanctifying grace and power of the Holy Spirit, which far too many Catholics take for granted and overlook.

We must no longer take the gifts and promises of the Holy Spirit for granted, nor overlook, nor neglect them, but take them up with all zeal and passion, so that we and our children may persevere and be saved.

The Resistance

There is something we can do - many things.  We must be wise, prudent, and dedicated to the sanctification of the world and the salvation of our own souls.

If we see the culture as evil, shut out the evil.  Compromise no longer.  It is not worth the damnation of your soul.

Support the elements of the culture, like stores, which are actually wholesome.

Plan ahead and plan carefully.  Avoid restaurants with lots of TVs when your children are with you.  
Support restaurants that do not have TVs.

Build up your family through good and wholesome activities.  Games, hikes, bonfires, nature, books...

Enjoy the many delights that Our Lord has already created for us, like lightning bugs, creeks, animals, birds, trees and flowers, the rain...

Cook your own food.  Grow your own food.

Live simply - focus on the good.

Pray...pray a lot.
Build a new Christendom in the midst of the City of Man.


And if you be unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve

whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell; 

but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15

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  1. Let us pray that all those who are sleeping in the Church soon awaken and all of us join together to be countercultural that we wait for God to rescue the world.


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