Demons Admit to Exorcists that God's Plans Are Offensive, Insulting, Humiliating, an Affront to Their Dignity

The exorcist, Fr. Francesco Bamonte, in his great book, The Rebellious Angels, discusses the nature of the Fall of the Angels, what motivated it, and what motivated Satan himself in making the decision to reject God and fall into Hell.

In his book, Fr. Bamonte also describes some of the encounters that exorcists have had with Satan where he admits to the reasons for his Fall and certain things which particularly offended him, or that he could not endure, which led to his decision.

All of these considerations and disagreements occurred in Satan's mind in a single instance, as St. Thomas describes, for his intellect was so pure and powerful that he did not need time to deliberate.  He saw at once all that God revealed and made his decision without hesitation.  
This means:  Satan completely self-identifies as the one who hates God and hates all whom God has created.  
This hatred is not something he regrets or has come to realize was a mistake.  Given the chance to do it all over again, the demons would Fall in exactly the same way.  This they have also admitted in exorcisms.

Satan's Fall was the result of his disordered regard for himself and his power, excellence, and beauty.  He saw himself as the "angel par excellence," the greatest, the most beautiful, most perfect, and most glorious.  He believed that he deserved to be as God Himself.  
Serving Satan:  Union of the Demonic
Satan desired, by pride and a disordered love of self, to achieve the elevation and perfection of his nature and his supernatural glorification by his own efforts and in no way as a gift from God.  He wanted to resemble God, even to steal His throne, and be, by his own nature, exalted and glorious, ruling over the other angels.  
The angels that also fell likewise sinned through this same pride and believed that, in the exaltation of Lucifer, they would be able to achieve the excellence which they desired and could not otherwise reach except by submitting to God.  The demons looked upon Lucifer and his natural gifts and deemed him worthy of being equal to God.  Thus, they each freely consented to Lucifer.  They saw that he was worthy of governing all and being subject to none.  

Satan is now the head of the fallen angels.  He is the highest angel of the Fallen spirits and thus, by nature and by diabolical example, wields power over them.  Exorcists see this clearly operating as they deal with possessions.
"Offensive" to Lucifer and the Demons

There are several aspects of God's revelation to the demons which they regard as offensive, humiliating, insulting, or an affront to them and their dignity as pure spirits.  These particularly motivate their hatred for God, His plan, His creation, and mankind especially.  These are discussed by the Doctors of the Church and theologians and are seen in the work of exorcists.

Offensive:  The Incarnation

St. Bernadine of Sienna discusses that the choice which the angels were given related to their submission to the Incarnation of the Son of God.  In this submission, they would be required to worship a Person who was at the same time both the Creator, God, and the creature, man.

The idea that they would be required to adore a man was deemed to be an unimaginable offense against the dignity and excellence that they possess as angels.  Again, the disordered love of self produced a sin of pride in which they refused to obey.  
The blindness, St. Bernadine adds, which this sin of pride brought about in Lucifer's intellect led him to believe that it would be best if God united not with a human nature but exclusively with his own angelic nature.  This would clearly establish the preeminence he believed he deserved.  Satan thus sinned through pride, disobedience, envy of Christ, and, eventually, anger and hatred toward Him.

This desire of Satan's, that he alone is worthy of being bound to the Son of God, is the desire to receive a grace akin to the "singular" grace and privilege of the Immaculate Conception and yet another aspect of the hatred he feels toward the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In exorcisms, Satan's desire and demand that he be worshiped, adored, and regarded as omnipotent and equal to God is on full display.  Though he knows it is not true, he even claims to be omnipotent and to be god, worthy of receiving this reverence.  Exorcists see that this is a desire that he cannot resist and which torments him constantly.
Offensive:  The God-Man as the Source of Angelic Glory

Further still, in the full plan of God, Christ the God-man was to become the source of grace and glory not only for man but also for the angels.  They, the demons, who already could not stand to depend on God for glory, saw it as a further affront and insult to them that God's plan would include that they depend on God-made-man for their supernatural happiness.

As a result of these revelations of the role of the God-man, Satan and the demons escalated their malicious intentions, setting their sites on the annihilation of the Son of God when He would become Incarnate.  Thus, when they should come to recognize Him in the flesh, Satan and the demons would stop at nothing to achieve or instigate His death.  
The concept of the Resurrection was beyond their blinded intellects.  Their wills, ever desirous of revenge and destruction, were far too attached to the thrill of achieving this end and, should they have even had the thought of the Resurrection, it would not have been enough to make them turn back from the plan of destroying God in the flesh.
Offensive:  Mary's Exaltation in Glory
It is also held by many that Satan specifically rejected the revelation that the angels must hold Mary, in addition to the Word made flesh, as superior to them.  She would be their Queen, whom they must obey, and the Lady far exceeding their beauty and glory.

Important to note here is the idea that Satan himself, desiring dominion over all the angels, also desired dominion over all mankind.  When this was denied him, his desire for rule and governance turned into a desire for domination and destruction.  
Man, originally a lowly creature beneath the angels, is now given the opportunity, in Christ, to be placed among and, for the Holy Virgin, above the angels.  This makes man the object of the demons' envy and therefore hatred.  With all their intellect and will, they are dedicated to seducing man and dragging him away into perdition with them.

In his book, Fr. Bamonte recounts a remarkable admission from Satan during an exorcism.  Speaking of Mary's perfection and glory, and that she would be seated next to God (though as the Queen, not His equal) and above Satan in Heaven, Satan admitted to an exorcist,
"I was the most beautiful angel, beautiful, beautiful; the greatest, greatest, greatest.  I was Lucifer, the angel par excellence.  What an affront.  What an affront!  For one of you to conceive without sin!  What an affront!  The Immaculate One is the greatest affront of God towards us."

Offensive:  The Immaculate Conception 
We can see already that it is Mary's excellence which first launched Satan's tirade, but he then begins to admit more, something very important for us to contemplate:  it is her Immaculate Conception that really infuriates the demons.  The reason is the following, as Satan added further in this exorcism,
"To make one of you be conceived without the sin that we created.  It is an unbearable affront.  We have marked, we have marked all with our sign, everyone except her!  He should not have done this.  One of you without sin!  And then He who was Incarnate in your disgusting body.  Why did He do it?  Why did he humiliate us so much, why did He humiliate us so much?"
Satan makes a claim here which should be very disturbing for us:  he has marked all human beings, except Mary.  Every one of us, through the Fall of Adam, are marked with original sin.  This sin places us, at birth, in the Kingdom of Darkness, not yet transferred by Baptism into the Kingdom of Light.  
It is through this mark that Satan claims rights over us.  Even after Baptism, when Christ has claimed us as His own, Satan uses this mark, the wound of concupiscence, to call us back to him.  The Blessed Virgin Mary does not have this mark and, therefore, does not possess anything that Satan can lay claim to or use to block her salvation.

What we learn from the work of the Church to expose and expel the diabolical is critical to our efforts of perseverance.  Do not take lightly the hidden work of evil.  Do not grow cold in the face of the incessant work of evil in the culture.  Learn, pray, do good, love God, push away the Devil with the weapons of spiritual warfare.

Fight and be free.
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  1. Very interesting! So -- the “mark of the Beast” that so many people talk about as an occurrence just before the Second Coming could actually be Original Sin (what the Church has called “the stain” of Original Sin).

  2. Hmm...interesting point. Perhaps some exaltation of Original Sin, or of the effects of Original Sin? Magic and superstition could easily be the religion of the Antichrist, and the Original Sin has been regarded (as I read from an exorcist) as an act of magic and superstition. So...perhaps


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