Don't Underestimate the Occult: Prepare for Battle - "Slaying Dragons" is the Resource

As God has seen fitting, He has led me into research on spiritual warfare and the rise of the occult in our world.  Thus, Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know.
The more I dive into this field, the more disturbing the situation appears.

Truly, though, it is not only confirming my suspicions and fears, but raising new alarms as well.

World Spiritual Situation status:  Bad.
We live in an age overrun by the occult.  The occult, truly, has been around since the Fall, when, as one exorcist put it, Adam and Eve themselves engaged in superstition and the first act of magic in eating the fruit and expecting the Devil's promise to be imparted.
From that moment on, the world was submerged beneath a deluge of the devil's gifts: fear, woundedness, and disordered passions such that magic, the occult, and the dark arts and religions flourished.  Knowledge of the One True God was all but lost and almost completely obscured by the reign of sin, false religions, and the practice of magic and superstition.
Thus, when Our Lord came, His task was to challenge the Kingdom of Satan and crush it by driving the Devil from his throne over the world.  This involved bringing the One True Faith and the destruction of all the dark arts and superstitions which had led man astray up until that point.

But mankind's deliverance was not achieved in such a way as to be universal throughout time at the very onset of the Kingdom of Heaven - we must all individually be delivered from the Enemy and bound to Our Lord Jesus Christ in order to receive deliverance and sanctification.

This is what spiritual warfare is:  it is the Christian life.

Thus, instruction in spiritual warfare is essential for all Christians in order to be definitively delivered from the devil's influence and to be fully grafted to the Vine which is Christ.

Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know is one of the ways to begin this process.

The Benefits of Spiritual Warfare

I have heard from countless people how much the wisdom of exorcists, Doctors of the Church, and the Church herself, as contained in Slaying Dragons, has benefited their lives.  I am also a huge fan of this book, as my personal search for greater spiritual freedom and holiness is what led to its writing and publication.
  • People have learned, with the help of their priest, that the specific troubles that have plagued them have not been random but associated with family connections to Freemasonry.  By becoming alert to this, they did the necessary spiritual work and experienced tangible liberations from incessant temptations and spiritual burdens.
  • Priests have learned, for the first time, even after seminary, how the spiritual world works, leading them to true knowledge of how to help so many of their parishioners.  Thus informed, they have become much more aware of the workings of grace against the many works of the Enemy.
  • Parents have realized how powerful the common mortal sins are which plague them and their children.  Fortified with wisdom and spiritual weapons, they have reformed their lives and helped pull their children away from sin and the occult.
  • People plagued by decades-old spiritual malaise or the burdens of unshakeable vices have come to realize just how to fight against it.  By applying the proper spiritual remedies, they have noticed immediate relief from this oppression, as if some malevolent entity had finally departed.
It's Only Getting Worse - More People Need Divine Assistance
I often ponder if it is pessimistic to speak so much about the awful spiritual state of the world, as if we are missing out on the joy and hope which the Holy Spirit seeks to bring to us.  But, acknowledging the truth of something awful is not being pessimistic but simply honest.  Plus, when we engage in spiritual warfare, we see that is in this that we come to more fully and deeply experience the joy and hope of the Holy Spirit.

The more I hear exorcists speak, the more I realize that the spiritual situation is much worse than even I, after writing this book, have realized.

The irreligious practice of society is not just "risky behavior" but a spiritual and moral collapse creating a vacuum - a vacuum into which witchcraft, Satanism, and the occult have been flooding for decades.

The rise of the occult is not a new thing - it's been happening for a long time.  The occult did not "die" when the Church came into existence, but it finally met its match.  There must still be a battle, and the world is very big so the battle is difficult and long-fought.  When we cease this fight, the Enemy regroups.

The Church Today

What we are seeing today is an age where the leaders of the Church have long been asleep regarding their spiritual obligations.  It is an age where the sheep have wandered off into other pastures, for their own field was no longer green and the other pastures were much more inviting.  
It seems, though, that today the Church awakens, but awakens not to simply wield her power and swat away the demons which have swarmed all around us.  
Instead, it awakens and realizes, like St. Athanasius, who saw the whole world in apostasy, that the whole world is swimming in the diabolical.

When men stray from the One True Faith, they do not navigate to a pleasant shore, they expose themselves to shark infested waters, whose bites do not mangle the flesh but poison the body.  It is in these waters than mankind happily swims today.
Slaying Dragons - A Highly Acclaimed Guide and Solution
I offer to you this book, this manual for spiritual warfare, as a means of awakening yourself, and your family and friends, to the real state of human affairs, the real enemies, and the real friends and powers to bring your life into the safe harbor of our Savior's abundant grace.
  • Bishop Joseph Strickland
  • Bishop Athanasius Schneider
  • Bishop Rene Henry Gracida
  • St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal
  • Fr. Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z)
  • The National Catholic Register
  • Countless priests and lay faithful, Religious and academics across the globe.
It is a grassroots, self-published endeavor that now has a full-time dedication:  the Slaying Dragons Apostolate.

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The spiritual battle is not going away, but our judgment draws nearer every day.
We must fight, and fight well, to be saved.