To The Lost Souls: Our Lord says, "Let Me Show You"

There are many lost souls in the world today.  In particular, I think of:
  • children raised without the Faith 
  • children raised to view the occult positively
  • young people who enter the adult world wounded and bitter
  • those same who live without a moral compass
  • those same who live without God in their lives
  • those same who practice the occult
  • those same who know God exists but are so attached to grave sins that they cannot take the first step toward Him
  • those same who, despite a contrary outward display, are alone, depressed, and without true hope
To These, Our Lord says, "Let Me Show You"
To these Our Lord desires to show the power of His love, the beauty of His love - for them to step forward to Him and to let Him heal their blindness, strengthen them where they are weak, encourage them where they are scared, reveal to them the path in life that leads to true peace and joy.
Our Lord desires to show them the evil of sin, the emptiness of evil, and the deceptions of the Enemy who lures them into the occult and mortal sins, that, upon seeing the true horror of evil and darkness and Satan and sin, He may receive them immediately into His arms and protect them.

Our Lord desires to shield them from their enemies, to liberate them from all bondage to Satan, to addictions, to despair, to their broken past, to their anger and desires for revenge - that He may then impart to their hearts and minds the very love and Truth which He is in Himself, to fill them with courage and hope.

Our Lord desires to shower them abundantly with His love, such that everything in life will glisten with the dew of His Holy Spirit, will sparkle with the radiance of a new divine light which now shines down upon them - that He may entice them to seek ever after Him and to shun all forms of sin and occultic practices.

Our Lord desires to let them see that He knows them better than they know themselves, that He knows exactly what troubles them, what steals their peace, what motivates their anger, what keeps them bitter toward others, what causes them to push away their friends and family, what leads them to seek power and control over others and over life itself - that He may then redirect their mind, their heart, their vision, their perspective, their feelings toward wisdom, calm, forgiveness, generosity, charity, and trust in His Divine Providence.

Our Lord desires to teach them that He will never leave them, nor abandon them, and that even in the worst times of life, He will only draw closer to them.

He wants them to know that He has untold wonders and beauties and glories awaiting them, not simply to show them but with which to fill them such that they become partakers of His own Divine nature - and He intends to let them see glimpses of this great goodness here, if they will only cling to Him and allow Him.

He desires that they take the leap to trust Him and surrender everything to Him, for He is meek and humble of heart - He will refresh them and give them rest.

He desires that they understand, take courage and not be discouraged by the chaos which is present in this world, and even in His Church - for there is no complete perfection in men, but only in Him and where He works.  In His Church, they will find the channels of grace, healing, Truth, beauty, and goodness despite the evils of men which the Enemy seeks to use to overshadow it.

He desires that they look upon Him, the Man of Sorrows, who embraced suffering in order to bring them these gifts, that He suffers still, through His Church, and brings them these gifts still.

"Come to Me," He says to them, "the Crucified and the Risen One, and let me show you the Kingdom that I have prepared for you."

He desires that they know that He will do anything to save them, and to bring them to Himself, that He may overwhelm them with an outpouring of grace such that they will know and believe in His power to transform them, to make them happy in this life and in the life to come.
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