New Article on OnePeterFive! "The Exorcism of a Satanic Priestess"

As I have been mentioning to people who have already stated how much they enjoyed the article, this was quite intriguing for me to research, contemplate, and write.  This is a fascinating and enlightening aspect of spiritual warfare.  I will be focusing on this kind of thing in one of my next books.
Here is the link

And here's a snippet from the beginning...

"I was recently reading about the case of a possessed woman, as recounted by Dr. Richard Gallagher. He is a psychiatrist who wrote the book Demonic Foes describing his many years of working alongside exorcists, assisting them from a Catholic psychological perspective. As I read through the account, I was struck by aspects of the situation which further convinced me of one of the key reasons God allows such a thing as possessions to occur.

There are fewer paths to possession than there are to damnation. What cases of possession serve to demonstrate is that, regardless of the means by which a person enters into the company of demons, whether here on earth through possession, or at death through damnation, this is what that companionship will be like."



  1. Also check the story of Blessed Bartolo Longo, ex-satanic priest, who also shows how God's grace superabounds where sin and darkness abounds!


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