NEW BOOK from the Author of "Slaying Dragons" - a Companion book, study guide, workbook: "Slaying Dragons - Prepare for Battle: Applying the Wisdom of Exorcists to Your Spiritual Warfare"

Announcing a NEW BOOK
from the Author of
"Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know"!


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Slaying Dragons - Prepare for Battle is a workbook, a study guide, a spiritual warfare manual, and a companion book for "Slaying Dragons."  It has been reviewed and endorsed by a team of highly qualified and very active Catholics, including one exorcist, a few priests, and a DRE. 

Slaying Dragons - Prepare for Battle begins with a guide on how to use the manual, a reflection on the spiritual battle we all face, and a template to building your own Battle Plan to lead you to the greatest progress in spiritual warfare.

It is made up of a Part One and a Part Two.  Part One contains twelve sections of guided reflections on specific themes critical for the spiritual life and spiritual warfare.  In each section, built around one specific theme, there are two reflections, a collection of Scripture verses, guided reflections and considerations on the theme, reminders from Slaying Dragons, two original prayers, and lots of space for writing. 

In addition, Part Two contains twenty-two sections which include great traditional prayers, guidance on increasing your spiritual warfare, and practical advice on common things we encounter in our battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The whole book is ultimately designed to aid you in developing your personal Battle Plan - your individual strategy to conquer your weaknesses and temptations, and to increase your union with Christ as you further identify and cast away the evil influences from your life.
How to Buy!

It will be available on Amazon (and from me [here] shortly after) on January 1st in paperback and on Lulu in spiral bound, but late January on Amazon in hardcover.  It will be first available in paperback, sized 8x10, but will soon be offered in hardcover (late January) and spiral bound (mid-January), with costs varying.  The paperback will be sold for $20, the hardcover for $26, and the spiral bound for $30. 

Below you will find the Table of Contents for the book!  Please keep an eye on my website, and the link for the book here, to learn more.

I am currently taking pre-orders on my website, and will be ordering copies to sell from The Retreat Box in mid-to-late January.

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