The Devil Interrupter - and a Recent Parish Talk

For those who follow my blog here, I am posting less frequently at the moment because I am engaged in a new research project for a book which I believe will be just a relevant as Slaying Dragons.  It will be a true sequel, picking up from the last Chapter of my book, which focused on the dangers of the occult.  Stay tuned and please offer prayers for this endeavor!
In the meantime...
I was at a local parish on Sunday to give a talk on Spiritual Warfare and saw, really for the first time, what must have been diabolical interference and retaliation against my work.  Typically, I speak about feeling God's protection as I carry out this apostolate, by perhaps Slaying Dragons II is something that has hit a nerve with Satan and his kingdom.
So, what happened?
First, for several days before the talk, I was burdened by an unusual sense of anxiety.  Though anxiety played a big role in my youth and when I "crashed and burned" before my conversion twenty-two years ago, what I experienced in the days leading up to the talk was, as I mentioned, atypical for me today.  That is a red flag.
Second, my wife, was hit with a migraine headache on the day of the talk which was a distraction on a whole number of levels, one being the dilemma about leaving her with the little kids when, with a migraine, it is very difficult to function.  God provided assistance and that was resolved, at least enough for me to make it to the talk.

Third, the days leading up to the talk were ones which did not allow for much reflection and contemplation of the message I was to deliver.  However, since this was the seventh parish talk that I had given since embarking on this apostolate full-time last June, I was not worried about the material I wanted to cover.  

Fourth, and most clearly, the audio during the presentation at the Church malfunctioned a number of times, all of which were, again, atypical for that parish and its technology.  It was so bad eventually that the live-stream recording no longer picked up any of the audio.  As you can see at the end of the portion of the talk posted by the parish (below), they had to apologize and stated that the audio failed completely about midway through the talk!  The pastor, and all others, were in agreement that this was not normal and, yes, demons do mess with technology.

Fifth, a parishioner noticed a mysterious man, never seen before at the Church, dressed in a way that was a bit odd, sitting in the pew during the talk.  This is just a hunch, but those involved in the occult will enter Churches to cause disruptions or cast is a possible additional incident.
So, if you would like, please enjoy this portion of my talk!  The audio goes in and out, remember, until it dies at the end.
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