Interviewing a Former Witch: Witchcraft is Self-Destructive

As many readers and followers here have heard, I am working on a new book, Slaying Dragons II.  I will save the exact topic and working title for closer to the publication date, but let's just say that it involves research into the current status of the occult in our culture.
For the research, I have interviewed a least a few people who have left some form of practice of the occult and entered, or returned to, the Church.  
These people are all eager to tell their story.  For them, sharing what they went through, and the cost it has exacted from them, is a form of reparation and atonement.  Their work in the occult harmed them, their relationship with God, and countless people in the world.
Their testimony is invaluable.  
Like the testimony of exorcists, who see the reality and personality of evil in their work of deliverance, former occultists can shed a unique light on the current situation of our world, where dabbling in the occult is skyrocketing and exorcists in various parts of the world are overwhelmed with people fleeing from it and seeking their help.
It is also not just dabbling that is an issue.  As I have repeatedly heard, the internet is a chief culprit in being the one which pours a poisonous gas on the fire of diabolical curiosity.  
This, of course, is for a great number of reasons.  The one that stands out in my interviews has been the fact that the internet now offers the curious soul access to every single sort of occultic practice that exists.

This is dangerous for many reasons.  One reason is that some forms of magic (listen to this) even occultists who are "well-versed" in their craft won't go near because the forces that emerge are too dangerous and impossible to control.  
Imagine that.

For this article, let me get back to my point.  One thing that keeps jumping out from my more than a few interviews can be stated as this former witch of thirteen years put it:
"The thing about witches is, even when you are good at it and your work produces results, your life is just burning down around you, and no witch I have ever known has put the two together.  Health problems, money problems, relationship problems, to the extreme – there is never a correlation [in the mind of the witch], it’s just “Oh, this happened, so I've got to do a spell about that,” or "I need to do a ritual about that and that caused this," and "Oh, I gotta do a ritual about that now.”  It’s hindsight – it's after getting out [of the occult], you turn around and you’re like, "Oh my, it was killing me! and it was destroying everybody I love!"
The current posturing of the occult is that it offers a quick fix to problems, money, fame, relationship help, acceptance into a community, acceptance of "you as you," a religion that is not your parents', a growing and widespread way to be "special," a source of power and even revenge, among other things.
But there is no warning label at the local witch shop. 
There is no admonition that says, "Yes, you can acquire some of these things, but then the demons will turn and attack you - literally, and try to drive you to suicide."
Former witches know.  Former witches (some of them) are willing to talk as well, because their lives were destroyed by embracing the temptation and practicing the craft.
Witchcraft does not make you happy.  Only Christ can make you happy.
Readers will already know this.  However, there are MILLIONS of people in the world who do not know this - but need to.
I am working on this.  
Please pray for this project.
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