The Phone Becomes the Voice of Satan - Spirit Summoning Apps

As I research for the sequel to Slaying Dragons, I am endlessly led down different trails of thought on the issue of the prevalence of the occult in our present culture.
Just today, when processing the notes from an interview with an exorcist for Slaying Dragons II, I decided to look into the existence of "ghost hunting" apps.  The exorcist had mentioned it.
Unexpected Results
So, I looked up the app which he had named and quickly found a whole bunch of them. The details contained below are just from looking at the Google Play Store apps. This store was easier to navigate than Apple and should be providing the same insights.
These apps are no trivial matter. When I initially looked at this app store, I saw that there were at least 15-20 of them. It was difficult to gauge whether I was filtering all of them into one list, but this was still an impressive number.
Then, after hunting some more, I found a better way to filter the results. The number of apps of this kind then jumped tenfold - approximately 150 different apps that enable you to "speak to spirits."  
Then, again, I changed another filter and realized these apps are nearly endless. The new list gave me close to 250! Some apps are old, others have fewer reviews, but, nonetheless - 250! 
Further, the number of reviews is indicative of how widespread the use of these apps might be. Some apps have less than a hundred, others a few hundred, others a few thousand, and then a few have tens of thousands of reviews. (often this reflects whether the app is free or not, but nonetheless...)
The Inherent Danger
Below, I have pulled a few reviews that people wrote for a few of the apps. In my searching, there were many people who said these things were fake, but many others who said they worked. Both of these statements are alarming. 
The people who said these apps were fake did so because they did not find it effective in their own efforts of finding ghosts and talking to spirits, which was their intent. That is a problem in itself. The others, for whom it did work, successfully communicated with "the dead" or "spirits," i.e. demons, and are going to suffer for it at some point.
Even if these are fake, or ineffective at detecting the presence of an invisible entity, the fact is that using these is morally evil and makes one vulnerable to every sort of diabolical influence and attack, depending on God's permission and other spiritual aspects.
Further, we know from exorcists that demons use technology. They will take advantage of these "ghost" apps just as they take advantage of the cardboard and plastic of a Ouija board. These mechanisms are simply the means by which an individual expresses his will to communicate with spirits. That is gravely evil...and dangerous.

How People are Using the Apps to Encounter Spirits
For this review, I focused on one app. Reviews for other apps were very similar, so I just stuck with this one. 
Let's look at "Necrophonic".  This app has 4.1/5 stars and 2,348 mostly positive reviews.  
A five star reviewer highlighted one of the many evils of this "toy" in her review:
I got intelligent responses literally immediately. I found a work around when it comes to the app not having a record option. You can use the audio recorder on the computer or phone you're using for the app and the recordings are clear and audible. I can't wait to use this app with my daughter!

"With my daughter!"  !! indeed.

Another reviewer points out that you will want to "meditate" before using the app, record your session, and go back and listen again. She does this, taking notes along the way, and is shocked my how much "communication" there was during the session.

Proving my point above, another review said:
The good news is, spirits will readily use necrophonic and you can get some good results with a little patience and concentrated intent between the user and the spirit.
As I will mention later, this app encourages people to continue in their occultic practices. Here is an important commentator, a five-star reviewer:
I never rate anything on here but this app is something special. I'm a medium and this is absolutely the best tool for me to verify who is coming through and what their intentions are. One would think that the play store couldn't possibly produce real paranormal communication tools but this one delivers.
Other reviewers:
- Absolutely brilliant for communicating with the other side. Great for ghost hunting too brilliant work. 
- This app worked fantastic! With patience and learning you can literally have full on intelligent conversations with spirits. I was skeptical about the app at first but right now its the best in the business.
- This app is intense! It's not a toy or game either, It's a well planned strait-forward tool to communicate to spirits, I hear different male and female voices with certain dialect depending on where you live. This app knows me by name on many occasions.
- Awesome This is awesome and is helping my friend who passed over come through ..she has said all our names and even the cats name to confirm its her..Love this app!! [from a different app]

- Okey dokey SO! I purchased and downloaded this tonight, spoke with 3 different spirits but spoke with the 3rd one twice . Recorded the sessions. But I must say the 2nd session was much more responsive to my specific questions being asked. Cold chills each time [from a different app]
An Encouragement to Evil
As should be evident at this point, these apps are tools that inflame a sinful curiosity about paranormal, preternatural, and supernatural phenomena. 
They encourage people who are mediums to continue in their practice, give "evidence" to those who think they have spirits around them, empower people to feel they can communicate with the dead on their own, and generally foster a spiritual attitude contrary to that revealed by God and taught by Him as good and appropriate.

Another example will serve to illustrate this point.  A reviewer for a different app than the one named above had this to say:

Spot on Within a few minutes of activating two voices came through. One female and another male. Gave me goosebumps. I've always had a feeling we had guests in our home, now its confirmed. In case, I'm burning sage and saying a prayer before bed. This is cool app!
This individual is lost in an occultic mindset and likely doesn't even know it. 
Not only is she suspicious that she has spirits living in her home, she is also summoning them, and others, through this app. Further, ignorant as she already is, she is "burning sage" as a way of protecting herself before she goes to bed. Sage burning (or sage smudging, as it is also called) is an occultic practice that can easily lead to diabolical harassment, such as home infestations, and further diabolical activity in the person's life. She is compounding the evil and will suffer for it...thanks to the app.
Occultists Admit to the Danger of the Occult
As will be better explained in the upcoming sequel to Slaying Dragons, occultists admit quite readily that there are dangers in the occult. New-agers, Satanists, witches - they all talk about certain things they will never do because the spirits that emerge from those rituals are dangerous and uncontrollable.  
This danger is seen in the reviews for this app as well.  It is a theme within the occult that, I would guess, few are aware of, especially among those who are dabbling.
A few reviewers expressed this caution, illustrating my point: 

This is not an app to mess with it's very serious just don't be stupid with the app
Im a spirtual person and used this to contact my family. always ask for protection from your spirit guides before using this app also, they are bad things out there.
So finally one that works... But maybe a little too well.. you need an 18 and up notice for the app.. not all spirits are nice. And the fact someone could find something they weren't looking for because there novice in this department could leave them in trouble.. but it works.. man does it work. Not everyone can just talk to spirits.. there either drawn to you or there not...
For another product, Echovox, with 1,175 mostly positive reviews, we read in the reviews:
Listen very closely. This app is 1000% real and is different than all other spirit box apps. Not saying all other spirit box apps don't work because some do but echovox delivers straight intelligent responses and is the most intelligent spirit box app ever produced. I have gotten different spirits in different locations. I have encountered demons on this app as well. If you do just ignore them and turn app off for a couple hours and restart. This is not a toy. Be careful have fun...
"There are demons here - have fun!"  Wow.
The Dangers are Multifaceted
For those who are alert to the presence of the occult in the culture, it is a difficult thing to say that the problem is worse than we all think. In an age where most people, and almost all youth, are left without spiritual guidance, all mankind seems to be "plugged in" to a "system" of some sort, which pumps evil into their minds in many forms and through many channels.

Awareness is the first step. If there are people, especially youth and parents of young children, in your life, use this knowledge to counsel them. Be observant and inquisitive. From what I have learned


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