The Dangers of Witchcraft - Lesson 698452 - Spirits in a Witch's Home

Recently, in my ongoing research for the sequel to Slaying Dragons, I was listening to an active young witch speak to her massive Youtube audience about various topics. Among those is what she called "spirit encounters."

As part of my research, I summarized her story, which includes many important revelations about the practice of witchcraft which she presented. 

This is an important lesson for those who think dabbling in witchcraft is "just for fun" and for those who think there is nothing to be afraid of when practicing witchcraft.

Further, this story is important for priests to hear. The reason is that some witches are fleeing witchcraft because they are opening up demonic portals they never knew existed and are getting attacked. Exorcists have spoken about the rise in these cases. Further, witches do curse people. They do. They admit to it, as does this witch I listened to. Some will nuance the wording to avoid sounding like it is a curse, or justify themselves with a subjective moral reasoning which has no rational grounding.

Witches and individuals whom they curse will both need the care of priests. These heightened times of summoning and cursing are often predictable according to the modern pagan calendar of festivals called the Wheel of the Year. Prepare accordingly.

Please pray for this witch, who will go unnamed and unlinked, simply to protect her from any negative attention. She is out there, and she is one of many who are practicing and proclaiming the ways of witchcraft to an ever more gullible population of paganized people.

Here's the story:

Strange Spirit Encounters – A Witch’s Home


In discussing various topics with her audience, she turned to the issue of “ghosts” or, as she clarifies, “strange spirit encounters.”


“I’m definitely finding more and more that I am getting strange spirit encounters time and time again,” she said. She then explained that her house is “fairly well protected” by means of the rituals she has done, including “home protections, wards, and shields.” “I like to keep my space fairly insulated from external interactions just so that I can have a nice, safe, calm environment.”


The new “spirit encounters” she has been experiencing are “quite unusual,” she stated, and she wasn’t sure exactly why they were happening. “It is getting a little bit strange over here,” she added. Importantly, she admits that she doesn’t understand these manifestations, stating, “I can't tell entirely what's causing this.” Despite that, she gives the impression of being concerned, though not overly concerned.


Naively, she states that there are rules in place in her house regarding spirits coming and going. She said, “Here, spirits are allowed to pass into my space as long as they come with some kind of warning message, or they are there peacefully. I don't typically allow anything into my space that is negative or aggressive.” She presumes the power to control spirits but states at the same time, regarding the new manifestations, “All of the spirit encounters that I’ve had recently have been for a reason, I just can't quite figure out what that is yet.”


The manifestations, as I am calling them, are, unfortunately for her, just that – likely signs of a diabolical presence. “I have had whispering; I usually don’t have whispering in my house,” she said. She has clearly already invited spirits into her house. She explained, “None of the present spirits, or should I say the consistent spirits, have a whispery tendency. You'll often find that some spirits will prefer to interact in certain ways and none of the spirits that are permanent residents in my home have a whispery tendency.”


In addition, she hears “phantom noises in places where there shouldn’t be noises.” She has also seen a lot of “small shadows appearing.” These are things that, apparently, she has not had in her house before. She stated that she did experience this in a previous home, some years ago, but this is the first time it has happened in her current home. The biggest thing, which is actually “unsettling” to her, was the sound of knocking on cabinets and appliances in her kitchen. It progressed from the back of the kitchen all the way to the door that was right next to her. It got louder and louder as it went.


Her reaction to the kitchen banging was to simply ignore it and hope it went away. Her experiences in the past have ranged from spirits that simply want to communicate with her and others that want to “mess” with her. The latter she decides to ignore, thinking they will realize she is not interested and get bored and leave. In the past, when she has tried to tell a difficult spirit to stop, it often makes things worse.


She is very confident that the other witches, among her nearly one hundred and sixty thousand followers, who follow her standard witchcraft content, “will likely have experienced this.” This was taking place between the modern pagan witch festivals of Beltane and Litha, during the months of May and June. This, like Samhain, she says, is a time where this activity is on the rise. She said, “This is definitely a time in the year where you will likely start noticing spirit encounters really increasing dramatically.”


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