Our Lord Jesus Christ has the Power - NOT the Occult

In an interview with a Catholic psychologist for my forthcoming book, he brought up the issue of power.
From all of my interviews with former occultists, the desire for power plays a huge role. 
It lures the powerless by the promise of power; it lures the proud by the promise of glory; it lures the injured with the promise of revenge.

Narcissists seek Satanism for the self-glory and desire to strike fear in others. Teenage girls seek the new age and witchcraft in order to obtain power and protection and influence over others. Young men seek occult magic in order to manipulate the world around them and find the fulfillment of their lusts, their greed, and their self-centeredness.

At the same time that the occult is taking center stage in the culture, and offering the promise of power to every individual everywhere of all ages, the Church has shrunk to an extremely reduced significance in the culture and the image of Christ has been misrepresented in a myriad of ways.

When worldly individuals think of Christianity today, they see the words "bigot" and "old" and "out-dated" and "out of touch" and "weak" and "sheep" and "pathetic" and "hypocrite." They see Jesus as one of many divine teachers, an enlightened philosopher, a cosmic reality, a condemning deity, an all-welcoming and non-judgmental deity, or a mythical figure with no true reality.

What the world does NOT see is the true power, Truth, glory, and goodness of Jesus Christ. 

As a result, why would worldlings leave their life of pleasure and power to surrender themselves to a figure thus, falsely, presented to them?
In my conversation with the Catholic psychologist, he said:

“Whenever you make the occult look powerful…there is nothing out there making Jesus look powerful. He’s always soft and gentle, and that looks like a weakness,” he said. “But Hellboy – there’s the power – ‘I want that!’ Kids look at things that will make them popular or attractive – not just with clothes anymore, but they feel like they can do and say anything they want and that is the reality.”


Our age needs a resurgence of the power of Christ, a generation of His disciples willing to bring that into the culture, into the areas where the occult is devouring souls.

We must be like St. Anthony, who brought a mule before the Blessed Sacrament, before which the mule then knelt, despite being starving and offered food at the same time. By this act, the Cartharist heretic was converted and became a zealous cooperator in the mission of the Saint. 

We, too, if we embrace the True Christ, can demonstrate His power to liberate and save. Like St. Anthony, we would do this before the generation with which we are confronted, a generation not characterized by heresy but by hypnotism to the lure of occult powers. Fittingly, the miracles God will work through us will correspond to their needs. Let us permit God to work through us and reveal what these mighty deeds will be.

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