Posts, Podcasts, and Articles to Enjoy before Halloween - "The Renewal of Your Mind with Truth"

This is a repost from October 29, 2021 

Here are some articles and podcasts and posts to enjoy as you consider two things before Halloween:

  • the real meaning of Halloween
  • the real war happening at Halloween today 

First, my article at OnePeterFive on the history and true meaning of Halloween: "Halloween vs The World"

Second, my article called "Don't Celebrate Hell This Halloween".

Third, my podcast from this week with Keith Nester on Catholicism and Halloween:


Fourth, Timothy Gordon interviews exorcist Msgr. Rossetti on his ministry:


Fifth, CNA interviews Msgr. Rossetti where he says, among other things, exorcists are overwhelmed with cases as a result of the youth dabbling in the occult

Sixth, Jesse Romero and Dr. Dan Schneider discuss "Witchtok" and perspectives on Halloween here on VMPR