Is the United States Diabolically Oppressed? - A Diagnosis Attempt - PART I

This article, in four parts due to its length, is an attempt to diagnose the spiritual state of our country.  By piecing together the various moral deficiencies and examining their individual and collective gravity, I will consider their likelihood of contributing to a state of nationwide diabolical oppression.  As a result, this article may be a difficult read, as it is not intended to provide the way out so much as to help people see clearly how deep the problem is.  After that clarity is obtained, the proper treatment can be estimated, and we can move into the spiritual work that must be done to purge our land of evil and make our hearts acceptable to the Lord.

In the past few weeks, an article by Msgr. Rossetti, an exorcist of the Archdiocese of Washington, was posted on ChurchPop and received a lot more attention, it seems, that it did when it was first posted in early June.

In this article, Msgr. Rossetti posited the idea that the United States was likely suffering from diabolical oppression. The reasoning he gave, though minimal, as it was a short article, resonated with thoughtful people throughout the Church. When I heard the idea, the “wheels started turning” and I began to research and collect thoughts and ideas to find further support to help justify this perspective.

As I prepared, I spoke to a few priests involved in exorcism ministry to see what they thought about the idea. There was little doubt in their mind that this was a valid perspective to have on our situation at present. The support they gave has been incorporated into this article. Primarily, to be brief, the many and grave and ubiquitous mortal sins which characterize are country were at the top of their list of reasons why an oppression would come about, and likely has. Further, the many and grave and ubiquitous forms of moral and social unrest, that also characterize our country, were key factors in explaining how and why this would come about.

This article will attempt to bring together, inexhaustibly, as there is so much to say on the matter, a great host of rational and factual explanations for how and why our country, so it seems, is highly likely, indeed, suffering from diabolical oppression. “A tree is known by its fruit,” would be a good bit of divine wisdom to apply here.

First, What is Diabolical Oppression?

For an excerpt from Slaying Dragons which covers this topic, click here. In short, we can summarize the typical manifestations of oppression as the following.

Oppression affects a person’s life on the outside. It brings external attacks on the individual: on their property, their connection with society, their relationships, and their health.
  • It can bring inexplicable financial difficulties, such as the inability to find a job though qualified; being fired all of a sudden or for no real/justifiable reason; experiencing sudden or inexplicable frustrations in business matters (not receiving payments, excessively odd customers or patients, etc.).
  • It can appear as an attack on a person’s possessions, where they begin breaking down suddenly or chronically, or where multiple things break down at the same time.
  • It can manifest in the form of divisions in relationships, such as breaking up marriages, breaking up families, tearing apart friendships, all of which lead to the isolation of the person. It can also involve directing people to involve themselves in relationships with people who will corrupt them.
  • Further, it can manifest as a sickness with no natural cause or for which no natural remedy can be found.
These are just some of the ways that diabolical oppression can manifest. The traditional Rite of Exorcism states that the “ancient adversary, the archenemy of the earth,” in his impact on a man, “enshrouds him in shuddering fear,” “renders his mental faculties befuddled,” “keeps him bewildered by making him sore afraid,” “holds him in a state of perturbation,” and “strikes terror within him.” These examples of the effects of the devil should be kept in mind while reading the rest of this article.

Diabolical oppression also impacts the innocent in a society. The presence of evil, as a rule, brings suffering – and then the innocent often suffer with the guilty. This can manifest in ways that we are beholding all across the culture, and which is a tremendous burden on Catholic families in particular.

The innocent suffer from various forms of abuse, efforts to destroy the family, loss of jobs from opposing the culture or some evil in it, the corruption of children by the insidiousness of the culture’s evils, depression and anxiety as a natural result of the corrupt culture or instigated by diabolical activity, and the pressure to commit grave sins and even suicide.

It is interesting to note, when reflecting on the statistic that says there has been a 35% increase in suicides in the last twenty years, that the CDC describes the situation in the following terms: “Despite national goals to lower the suicide rate, several recent reports have documented a steady increase in suicide rates in recent years.” If a culture has become plagued by diabolical oppression, two things would not be surprising. First, its own “national goals” would not be guided by what the nation truly needs in order to be healthy and holy. Second, it would make sense that the nation would, given the state of oppression, begin to suffer more intensely from diabolical obsession, among whose effects is, at times, suicide.

The Abilities of Demons to Oppress a Nation

As I mention in my book, Slaying Dragons and, in Spanish, Matando Dragones, exorcists see the working of what are called “generational spirits” in families and societies. As I mention there, “These generational spirits can cause problems on many levels, from a general increase of temptations, in their frequency and intensity, to the possession of family members.” Further, exorcists have learned that Satanists do the work necessary to keep generational spirits in their family lines, which can lead to the possession of the child, among other typical effects of a generational spirit. Generation spirits also travel down the family line until properly addressed by the aid of the Church.

Generational spirits have also been shown to affect generations within a culture. These spirits can push an entire country toward a particular evil. Exorcists have observed this, for example, with the Nazis in Germany, whom Fr. Amorth considered to have possibly been possessed. Further, the era of US history when the “hippies” and the sexual revolution emerged can easily be seen to have been plagued by a generational spirit.

We know that demons, by their nature and their number, are high-quality, high-effeciency information gatherers who coordinate their knowledge and awareness to most effectively work against individuals and societies. They are capable of luring us into traps and, by making suggestions to the intellect of those who are in their grip, even coordinate events and gatherings among people in a country. Below is the story of a girl whose dreams to succeed in Hollywood were oddly fulfilled after she vocalized, privately, a desire to do whatever it takes to succeed there. This diabolical coordination has been observed in other instances of diabolical harrassment which exorcists have encountered.

Further, if you read the prayers of the Auxilium Christianorum, a spiritual fraternity initiated by two exorcists, you will see that the prayers they wrote ask Our Lady to blind the demons, that they may not be able to see the good spiritual works of the members of the fraternity, nor be able to interfere in their lives. In an age of increased diabolical influence, their call to prayer is a very wise voice to heed.

The Causes of Diabolical Influence and Oppression

While some forms of diabolical oppression can be the result of the demon’s hatred for a person who will not give in to temptations, or who is successfully undermining the demon’s work, other manifestations of diabolical oppression are the result of grave sins, which open the person to diabolical harassment of various sorts.

Any kind of mortal sin opens the door to diabolical influence. Of course, some mortal sins are graver than other mortal sins (CCC 1858), and sins against the First Commandment, for example, would have a higher likelihood of opening the person to diabolical influence. Sadly, in the United States today, we are excelling in some of the gravest of the mortal sins.
  • Abortion, which is a grave sin and a practice highly praised and deemed valuable by the occult.
  • Pornography, which exorcists know is a very dangerous sin, not only connecting the person to a very evil network of abuse and moral depravity, but also exposing them to diabolical influence, as will be discussed below.
  • The occult, including witchcraft and Satanism.
  • Curses emerging from the occult and Freemasonry.
Further, there are other sources for the entry of the diabolical which are common in our country:
  • Suffering from various forms of abuse, which does not cause diabolical influence but which disposes the person to being more open and vulnerable to such influence.
  • Certain intellectual orientations, which not only include a rejection of God and Christianity, but also a strong pride and arrogance and a refusal to hear the Truth.
  • The presence of immoral, abusive, inept, or absent fathers in families, who otherwise are supposed to be the gatekeeper and shepherd of their flocks.
  • The passive or curious acceptance of Satanism in the culture.
Oppression as Divine Punishment? Modern Evils Merit It

After speaking to a few more exorcists prior to doing the research for this article, it is clear that the evils in our country call for Divine punishment. God’s punishments are meant to correct us in our waywardness so that we do not die in our sins. If our nation has embraced the way of evil in a definitive manner, it would be an act of both justice and mercy for Our Lord to punish the nation. Abortion, for example, is inspired by the spirit of death and cannot be tolerated by a just God. In one of his videos, Fr. Ripperger shared one story which points to a startling reality related to oppression and sin. A nun was possessed in Iowa but it was determined that the possession was a rare allowance by God and was not due to any sin committed by the nun. Instead, it was permitted in order to bring attention to a grave sin committed in the region for which reparation still needed to be made. Once the Diocese set up perpetual adoration to offer this needed reparation, the possession ended.

Sacred Scripture reveals that it is possible for demons to be used by God to inflict punishment on an individual or a nation. Job, for example, who suffered greatly, did so at the hand of Satan himself. As I mention in my book, “St. Augustine states the source of Job’s sufferings quite plainly: ‘when fire came down from heaven and at one blow consumed Job’s servants and sheep; when the storm struck down his house and with it his children – these were the work of Satan, not phantoms’.” St. Paul, as is famously known, was assigned a demon, a thorn in the flesh, to torment him with some temptation. He states, “And to keep me from being too elated by the abundance of revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to harass me, to keep me from being too elated” (2 Cor. 12:7). Exorcists have also stated that one of the reasons God permits diabolical influence is as a punishment for sin.

Kyle Clement, of Liber Christo, a group founded by Fr. Ripperger, mentions in this video that mass diabolical affliction is possible, as we see in the society of the Canaanites, which was possessed by the demon Moloch, the demon of child sacrifice. In ancient Egypt, when Israel was enslaved there, idolatry ruled the land, and the many gods of that country were worshipped during the time that the Israelites were subjected to a cruel oppression. When Almighty God chastised Egypt, sending the famous ten plagues against them, He did so in order to destroy its gods and lift the oppression from His people.

In the book of Wisdom, we see that the plague of darkness, which, for three days, oppressed Egypt by a darkness so thick that it could be felt (Ex. 10:21), was more complicated than God simply utilizing some natural means, like a dust storm. Wisdom describes the Egyptians as being “terribly alarmed, and appalled by specters,” filled with “fear,” while “terrifying sounds rang out around them, and dismal phantoms with gloomy faces appeared” (Ws. 17:3-4). Further, the Psalms describe the plagues, perhaps specifically the plague of darkness, in these terms:

“And he sent upon them the wrath of his indignation: indignation and wrath and trouble, which he sent by evil angels” (Psalm 77: 49 DR).

Proverbs states that “justice exalteth a nation: but sin maketh nations miserable” (Pr. 14:34 DR). Woe, then, to the nation that enshrines what is ungodly!

Psalm 106 describes exactly what happens when a nation turns away from God and to sin and idolatry. The imagery fits perfectly into our discussion here:

“…But they mingled with the nations
and learned to do as they did.
They served their idols,
which became a snare to them.
  They sacrificed their sons
and their daughters to the demons;
they poured out innocent blood,
the blood of their sons and daughters,
whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan;
and the land was polluted with blood.
  Thus they became unclean by their acts,
and played the harlot in their doings.
Then the anger of the Lord was kindled against his people,
and he abhorred his heritage;
he gave them into the hand of the nations,
so that those who hated them ruled over them.
Their enemies oppressed them,
and they were brought into subjection under their power.”
(Psalm 106:35-42)

A Culture where Satan flourishes

One exorcist mentioned to me that the abundant grave sins which characterize our culture create a toxic environment where Satan flourishes.  In the next part, we will see an extensive presentation of many of the grave moral evils and systems of sin which have perhaps merited for us an age of nationwide diabolical oppression.

You can find PART II and PART III and PART IV here.

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