Is the United States Diabolically Oppressed? - A Diagnosis Attempt - PART III

This is the Third Part in the Four-Part series discussing the likelihood that, as exorcists have stated, our nation is suffering from diabolical oppression.  You can find PART I and PART II and PART IV here.

Rise of the Occult

It must be pointed out, and the news will show this to be the case, that long before we tolerated the rioting and social discord, we tolerated the rise of Satanism, even recognizing it as a religion protected by the laws of this land.

As I discuss in my book, Slaying Dragons and, in Spanish, Matando Dragones, Satanists have been allowed to lead prayer at city council meetings, set up satanic images alongside Christmas displays on public property, parade satanic statues around cities, perform black masses on university and public properties, and carry out publicly viewable satanic rituals on city streets in order to desecrate sacred images of Our Lady. Oh, I almost forgot, they also have “After School Satan” clubs in about nine cities in the nation.

For this section, let us look at some of the statistics that I feature in my book:

“Twenty-five percent of people in Italy in 2005 were involved in the occult. Fr. Thomas said those same trends were appearing in the US as well. This Italian statistic stayed the same in 2018, and is still experiencing a “surge in occult activity,” such as recourse to tarot card readers, fortune tellers, and astrologers.” (source)
“According to a 2008 and 2018 religion survey, the number of witches is significantly rising in the United States. In 1990, there were 8,400 Wiccans, which grew to 340,000 in 2008. It is now, in 2018, between 1 and 1.5 million. This number does not include all forms of witchcraft, as not all witches identify as Wiccan, though this is a significant subset of witches. To demonstrate the significance of this number of Wiccans, there were 1.4 million Presbyterians in 2017. The number of Satanists in the United States is unknown, partly due to the secrecy with which they operate.” (source)

The occult is also very strong in Hollywood. Looking around on Google will give you plenty of examples. Here is a story I wrote on back in November [link]. Exorcists speak openly about this because they see it first hand, as was discussed above. Exorcists have dealt with cases where people have made their way into Hollywood only to be quickly pulled into immoral living and the occult. If the desire is strong enough to remain in the success they found in Hollywood, the diabolical oppression will spread.

There is also an increase, among many practitioners of witchcraft and Satanism, to make a defense that these are not actually bad things. Exorcists, like Msgr. Rossetti here, have noted that the youth today do not even see Satan and witchcraft as bad but actually as good, and that it can make them a better person. Through bad catechesis and an occult-driven culture, it is no longer hardwired in the youth that Satan is evil and only wants, in all of his offers, to destroy us. Again, exorcists know this to be true from their experiences, which I collect in my book.

Priests today experience it firsthand, sometimes finding cursed items, or elements of satanic or witchcraft rituals, on parish property or at rectory doorsteps. These items are “offerings” to a demon, either to thank the demon for doing something (such as helping the witch steal a Host) or to ask a demon to bring a calamity on the parish. These are not done in vain. Curses have effects if God permits it and He often does. They can lead to any of a number of clear indicators of diabolical oppression in the parish or rectory, such as things breaking down, banging on the walls, and other preternatural signs that then must be dealt with by the Church’s traditional practices.

The Corruption of the Innocent

There are far too many stories to recall here which highlight the fact that there is an agenda to corrupt the youth in the culture, so I will mention a few here. There are reports of “story hours” at public libraries all over the country led by cross-dressing “drag queens.” This raises so many questions, such as “who is planning and organizing these?” and “Why are the parents of the kids who attend these so supportive of this nonsense?”

Disney, the land of childhood imagination, has been slowly working the beliefs of the anti-culture into its agenda. Subtle hints of the homosexual culture have been appearing in films over the last ten years. A recent short film, targeting very young children, gives explicit approval of the homosexual culture. There is much more that can be said about Disney. 

This corruption is also made possible, of course, by the ever-present technology which we permit or present to the young, who then enter into an ungoverned world of ideas, both good and evil and diabolical, which they navigate without the guidance of wise adults. Technology, as we know, is filled with targeted advertisement and targeted news. Big companies, who are leaders in the abortion and homosexual movements, do not miss the opportunity to target young children with their products.

The Restriction of Reason

We have entered an age where it seems to be the case that the majority of people have lost the use of right reason. We see this everywhere in the exchange of ideas. Different sides of State and Church politics are polarized by emotion, unable to hold intellectual meetings where the truth is permitted to win. Those who teach in schools and colleges see it as well, where the anti-culture has clearly occupied the minds of their students, disabling them from seeing the power of truth over modern novelties. In these minds, all things are changing and fluid, from gender to objective truth, leaving the wise unable to discuss higher things with the malformed.

The culture is hostile to the Truth itself and to any mention that there is such a thing. Dialogue, in its true sense, where differing sides can come to a mutual acceptance of the truth, is dead in many areas of society. The riots are the principal example at the moment. Motivated by emotion and entitlement, they have become enraged by a feeling of being wronged, but are incapable of communicating, in rational terms, with those with whom they disagree. Instead, they lash out at anyone who comes near them, bringing anarchy, chaos, and destruction.  (Related story here)

Corruption of the Courageous

The hostile, backward, occult-driven, and irrational culture, which has been slowly working toward the strong presence it has today, has presented a very great challenge to those in leadership roles, both in the Church and in the State. The pressure to cave to the culture, to relax strictness, to modify Truth, to tip-toe around emotionally broken souls, and to receive financial benefits for projects and agendas that are more “tolerable” to society in exchange for silence on more controversial matters, is collectively too great for most. This, in a society that is nearly fatherless, fuels the disquietude that leads to rebellion and a falling away from the Truth.

This generation is statistically known to be plagued by assaults on, and deficiencies in, fatherhood. As a result, there are too many weak or absent fathers, fathers separated or broken by divorce, effeminate men, and, sadly, bad or weak priests and bishops.

In the midst of the current crisis of rioting, it seems as if the leaders, the fathers, are just standing back while wild youth rip down everything that displeases them. It must be asked, though: is this similar to how they have been permitted to behave at home, in this age where the parent and the child have been declared to be equal? Are we then surprised when the child attempts to usurp the authority of the parent?

As the Christopher Columbus statue came down in Baltimore on July 4th, it was a clear example of a reckless ideology unleashed upon the city – youth dressed in black, hooded and masked, destroying the property of the city, without authority, and without a rational basis, to loud cheers before a crowd of several hundred. Where are the parents of these children? Where are the authorities to intervene? From whence came the arrogance and entitlement which fueled these children to embrace such “satanic entrepreneurship,” as it could be called? Is the “Lord of this world” recruiting new followers for a new age which he seeks to bring about? (cf. 2 Cor. 4:4)

Current events

Those who are reading this article are likely well-versed in the wild and disturbing current events which plague our nation. The unrest and riots highlight the present activity of the diabolical, as they are signs of it. In the context of this discussion on whether the country is suffering from diabolical oppression, I will quickly revisit some major occurences among these current events.

The country’s leaders, during this state of pandemic, have shown obvious favoritism toward the insolent youth riot gatherings over and against the rights of the Church to hold public Masses and religious gatherings.

The attacks on statues have not just been an effort to erase the past but have taken on objectively evil tones. As Archbishop Cordileone stated, the multiple attacks on statues of a clearly heroic Saint, St. Junipero Serra, shows the sacrilegous nature of the protests. History, locked away in the irrationality of modern minds, proves St. Junipero to have been a defender of the indigenous and the poor, speaking against the corruption and evils that were present in his time.

When Archbishop Cordileone prayed and performed an exorcism at the site of the toppled statue in San Francisco, he stated, “I feel such a great wound in my soul when I see these horrendous acts of blasphemy disparaging the memory of Serra who was such a great hero, such a great defender of the indigenous people of this land.” Cordileone said the San Francisco statue was “blasphemously torn down.” “An act of sacrilege occurred here. That is an act of the Evil One,” he said in the video. “We came together to say the prayer of the rosary, and also the prayer of exorcism, the St. Michael Prayer, because evil is here, this is an activity of the evil one, who wants to bring down the Church, who wants to bring down all Christian believers.” (Source)

Catholic Vote had this very apropos post on their Twitter page the other day:

“If the devil was really smart he would come up with a national movement dedicated to destroying the family, advancing gender ideology, and promoting abortion...and then make Catholic bishops unwilling to oppose it for fear of being called racist.”  

Indeed, he has done so.

This tweet highlights the fact that two of the major agendas presently at work, the homosexual movement and Black Lives Matter, both hide an evil agenda behind a veneer of goodness. The rainbow, the sign of the covenant with Noah, is twisted and held up as the banner under which the homosexual movement chooses to march. BLM presents, on the surface, a noble and just statement, but hides its true agenda, in plain sight on their internet page, and their ultimate goal to destroy the nuclear family and promote the homosexual movement and abortion. Watch this video from Church Militant for a good overview of the group.
You can find PART I and PART II and PART IV here.

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