A Few Articles as We Approach Halloween - "It's NOT HELL-oween!"

In the past two years since publishing my book, I have written a number of articles about Hell, some of which coincide with the subject of Halloween and all things of death and fright.
The title gives away the point quite nicely.  Halloween is not about taking a dip in the lake of sulphur, or getting a chance to see what demons look like face-to-face, or the one day when the occult is safe to conjure.  Halloween, from the Catholic perspective, is a holy time.

St. Alphonsus Liguori has some exquisite descriptions of the power and danger of blasphemy, and how it places us in the company of the damned, whose language mirrors that of our own, when our tongues wield such vile offenses against God and His Commandments.

Our culture, with its embrace of lifestyles explicitly in contradiction to the commands of God, the nature of man, and the dignity which we possess, is cultivating its "transition" into being good citizens of Hell.  When the time for death comes, many citizens of the present darkness will feel right at home in the fiery abode - at least, when it comes to the "law of the land" down there.
Man is lost so much of his life for he wanders after the pleasures of this passing world forgetful that he is destined not for this place but for eternal life.  Humility is required to see our moral failures before the demons are able to mold us into their own image and our salvation is lost.
A reader of Slaying Dragons posed this question to me, for which I then did some research.  St. Thomas Aquinas provides prudent guidance and wisdom on the issue.  Since it is a short article, I will let you read it before I give away the answer...

A non-PC, very true, and very disturbing examination of the current state of the manipulation of the youth by the media powers to which too many parents and teachers expose their children in this society. 

The battle is real.  Hell is real.  HEAVEN is real.  The victory is ours.  Pray and do the work God has given you.


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